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How to fly to Europe and not be left penniless

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Against the backdrop of the crisis, many tourists are rapidly abandoning travel to Europe, since prices for even the most modest tours have soared, on average, twice. But not all of our people are ready to just give up - and ndash; the desire to look at the Old World is sometimes so strong that tourists find a variety of ways to save money while traveling.

The portal answers the question: how to fly cheap to Europe, and is it possible in the current economic and political situation ?

Save on flights

The safest way to find cheap flights to Europe – use the services of low-cost airlines. Yes, you have to endure some inconveniences in the form of additional paid meals and special rates for luggage, but the price in & euro; 40 for a flight to Paris cannot but interest tourists with limited finances.

Use the services of low-cost airlines

Use the services of low-cost airlines

If low-cost airlines are not suitable for you – take connecting flights. Of course, you will have to wait 12-15 hours in the transit zone, but tickets to the selected city will cost 20-25% cheaper than with a direct flight.

 Choose flights with connections

Choose flights with connections

We save on accommodation

An average-level hotel room with breakfast in any European city is unlikely to cost less than & euro; 50 per day per person, so an excellent option is – to book an apartment. There will be no maids here, but there will be an opportunity to save up to 40% compared to hotel rates.

 Book an apartment

Book an apartment

Another way – discover couchsurfing. The system of free provision of accommodation to tourists in exchange for a symbolic present from the `` exotic '' country, or just a good company, is becoming very popular, especially among young people. In recent years, many sites have appeared dedicated to finding just such people.



Save on food

Everyone knows that the so-called 'cafes for tourists' – the most expensive catering places in any country in the world. For a menu in their native language, the guest receives prices 2 or even 3 times higher than on the street 'across the road'. Therefore – it is better to eat in small cafes for locals, at the same time – do good language practice, at least in culinary names.


Not a bad option – buy products yourself. You just need to find out in advance where are the cheapest farmers' markets in France, and where are the best supermarkets in Italy. Ideal for those who have a home with a kitchen area.


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Topic: How to fly to Europe and not be left penniless.How to fly to Europe and not be left penniless

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