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Town Hall description and photo - Ukraine: Mukachevo

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City Hall description and photos - Ukraine: Mukachevo

City Hall description and photo - Ukraine: Mukachevo. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The three-storey administrative building of the Mukachevo Town Hall was built at the beginning of the 20th century (1904), in the Art Nouveau style. The project of the construction and the management of the construction was carried out by the Budapest architect Janos Babuli Jr. (according to some sources - Polgar). Laying the first stone of the foundation of the main tower, a message was placed there, in which it was reported that the population of the city was then 14 thousand 416 people, there were 1553 houses.

The architect gave the building features of the architecture of the Middle Ages. In particular, this concerns the tower of the town hall - square in plan, standing on powerful supports in the form of pointed arches. The tower adjoins the protruding part of the structure with small angular pointed turrets - bay windows, under which are placed bas-reliefs with the historical coat of arms of the city - Saint Martin on horseback. On the ground floor, the windows also look like large pointed arches. The front wall is divided by pilasters and ends with a smooth wavy line of a low attic.

The Town Hall Tower is decorated with a chime made, according to archival records, by Joseph Shovinsky. Their main mechanism is located in a small oval room in the tower. The clock was installed at the end of 1904, at that time it was one of the five best European tower clocks. Every quarter of an hour the hammer strikes a smaller bell, every hour a larger one.

The Mukachevo City Hall makes a solid and solemn impression, as befits the residence of the city administration, which was located in this building under each government.

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Topic: Town Hall description and photo - Ukraine: Mukachevo.Town Hall description and photo - Ukraine: Mukachevo

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