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Kenwood House, UK Resort London

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Kenwood House is an architectural and park ensemble and the residence of the first Earl of Mansfield, William Murray. Located in the Hampstead area of London. The homestead is open for free visits. It is being maintained in perfect condition by the National Treasure Management Commission.

Kenwood House was created in the XVII-XVIII centuries. by architect Robert Adam. The original furnishings have been preserved here, which means that you can see a collection of exquisite neoclassical furniture, a rich library with unique books. In 1925, Kenwood House was bought by Lord Ivy, who moved his collection of paintings to the mansion, the pearls of which are canvases by Gainsborough, Turner, Reynolds, Vermeer and Rembrandt. In 1927, Ivy donated Kenwood House with all of its art collection to the British nation.

In the park of the mansion, there is a magnificent greenhouse. The traditional English-style park is also known for its nesting bats. The park displays sculptures by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and other renowned artists.

During his visit to London in 1909, the estate was rented by the Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich and his wife Sofia Nikolaevna. In addition, the film Notting Hill was filmed here.

Not far from Kenwood House is the village of Highgate, famous for its cemetery dating back to 1838. Karl Marx is buried here. In addition, catacombs and beautiful tombs can be found in the cemetery.

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