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Sherlock Holmes Museum, UK, London Resort

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Sherlock Holmes Museum - London house-museum of the world famous detective, created by the writer Arthur Conan Doyle. Located at number 221-b Baker Street. This number was assigned to the house by a special resolution of the city administration. In fact, this house was located between 237 and 241 houses. In addition, at the time described by Conan Doyle, such a house did not exist in London at all. When such a house was built, it housed a bank, where a special clerk worked to deal with letters that came to the name of"Sherlock Holmes, Esq."

The house in which the museum was established is a typical four-storey Georgian apartment building with furnished rooms. There is a souvenir shop on the ground floor and a small front one. The second floor houses the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson living room, Holmes' room. The third floor houses the rooms of Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson. Visitors to the amazing museum can sit in a detective's chair, take a photo for memory by the fireplace. The rooms are carefully furnished in accordance with the description given in the books about Holmes. Here you will see a Turkish tobacco shoe, a work table with chemicals, a pipe, a violin, and a detective's hat. On the last, fourth floor, which was originally used for economic purposes, you can see wax figures depicting the heroes of the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. Also, the museum has an exposition   with photographs of actors who played the role of the famous detective at different times. An honorable place among them is the photograph of Vasily Livanov. Sherlock Holmes, performed by Livanov, to this day it is considered ideal. It is on him that modern performers of this role are guided.

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Topic: Sherlock Holmes Museum, UK, London Resort.Sherlock Holmes Museum, UK, London Resort

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