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What to bring from Maldives

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Souvenir shop

Of course, the choice of stores on Maldives is unusually scarce, but without souvenirs you still can't go home let go. You can go shopping right at the resort, but the most optimal the solution will be a trip to the capital of the republic - the city of Male, where everyone the goods presented can be purchased at more attractive prices. What bring from the Maldives?

· Items of clothing. Lightweight cotton with folk patterns and logos Maldives will be a great addition to your wardrobe or practical a souvenir. The cotton on the islands is of exceptional quality and low prices, and national patterns will more than once remind you of the rest in this wonderful country.

· Wooden vases, dishes and figurines. As material use palm, mango or coconut. Maldivian craftsmen make very stylish and beautiful things that you can use to decorate your interior.

· Water equipment. Another item in the category of useful souvenirs. In Maldivian shops, you can easily find quality equipment for diving or snorkeling at reasonable prices.

· Mats and mats made of reed, coconut copra and palm fiber. Another element for interior decoration. Natural product made manually. But fun, I must say, is not cheap.
Diving equipment

· Products made from coconut. This can include anything: mortars, handbags, crockery, figurines.

· Shark teeth or jaws. This is for lovers of unusual gifts and exotic. The prices are high, but the pleasure of getting such a defiant a gift beyond words.

· Maldives books, postcards, and albums. Books - for cognitive addressees, and postcards and albums are a universal subject, you can put yourself on the shelf as a keepsake, or you can give it to loved ones.

· Pearl products. This material is obtained from shells by hand, it is very valuable and it takes a minimum of week. It is also used to make hot coasters, paintings and other items. for home.

· Miniature dhonis. This is the name of traditional fishing boats on Maldives. Souvenirs are made of wood, and you can hardly find it everywhere.

· Coconut oil. Inexpensive and high quality, it will be excellent additive to cosmetics.

Separately, we should talk about prohibited souvenirs in the Maldives. You cannot take away from here:

· Products made of tortoiseshell. Most of the turtles on Maldives are listed in the Red Book, and enriching sellers of products from their shell, you become an accomplice, contributing to their disappearance.

· Corals and products from them

· Pearls and pearl shells

· Reef fish and other sea creatures.

Seashell souvenirs

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Topic: What to bring from Maldives.What to bring from Maldives

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