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Where to relax in winter? Abzakovo

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Each region of Russia has its own ski center, which turns into a territory of pilgrimage for fans every winter skiing, snowboarding and other sports related to downhill skiing. In Siberia, this is Sheregesh, in the Caucasus – now the legendary Olympic Krasnaya Polyana, and in the Urals – Abzakovo.

Scheme of the ski center

Scheme of the ski center

Literally an hour's drive from Magnitogorsk, on the territory of Bashkortostan, there is one of the most popular ski centers in Russia. Abzakovo today – this is a so-called full-cycle resort, where people come, both in summer and in winter. However, it is in the cold months that the sports and recreation center for the inhabitants of the Urals is the best answer to the question – where to relax in winter?

How to get there

By plane

The nearest airport to Abzakovo – this is the air harbor of Magnitogorsk. When buying a tour with a flight, a transfer from the airport on a modern bus is often bought. Tourist groups are picked up and driven in an organized manner to the drop-off point, most often it is the Novo-Abzakovo station. In case of group tours, a transfer to the hotel door is possible.

By train

In this case, you will again have to leave Magnitogorsk. The straight-line distance from the station to the resort is just over 65 km, so the travel time will be a little over an hour. End point – Novo-Abzakovo, from where you can walk to the resort or use the services of numerous taxis.

It is important to remember that Magnitogorsk in this case can only become an intermediate station. Abzakovo – this is one of the few winter resorts where there are direct rail flights from several cities at once: Moscow, Samara, Ufa and Sibay.

By car

The route of travel to Abzakovo by car with one sides are more profitable than the train, on the other – not. The fact is that on the highway the distance between the starting point – Magnitogorsk and the resort is at least 90 km versus 65 km by train.

There are two routes:
  • Start from Magnitogorsk from the cement plant towards the village of Smelovsky to Niyazgulovo and then follow the signs to Abzakovo. Total 90 km.
  • Start from Magnitogorsk to the north towards the Primorsky village, then through Rzhavka and Kirsa, similar to the first route. Total 100 km.

Both options are suitable only for those who are well versed in local roads, as well as those who carry their own skiing equipment.

Description of the resort

Ski resort Abzakovo today – in addition, compactors and snow cannons work regularly on the tracks, guaranteeing an even cover and no thawed patches even at freezing temperatures.

There is only one rental point for inventory in Abzakovo, but there is everything you need here, including a working workshop for repairing skis, snowboards and any other equipment of an athlete.

A serious advantage of Abzakovo is the possibility of evening skiing. 4 slopes are equipped with modern lighting, so lovers of descents in the dark can enjoy the half-empty slopes of the `` night '' resort.



For 2016, more than 70 hotels, cottages, chalets were registered on the territory of the Abzakovo resort and the Novo-Abzakovo settlement , private houses, where tourists who come to the Ural slopes can stay.

In fact, on the territory of the resort itself there are only two tourist zones - – it is a sports hotel and recreation center Abzakovo with five hotel buildings. Each building has its own characteristics, its distance from the slopes and lifts and its own advantages of living. Here you can visit the cinema, have their own recreation areas and other pleasant bonuses of official tourist accommodation.

The cost of living in a standard room in the territory of Abzakovo in 2016 starts from 2500 rubles per day.

The option of renting a cottage is suitable for large companies, however, most of these buildings in Abzakovo provide the opportunity to move into separate rooms, converted into rooms. The level of comfort here is higher than in a hotel, therefore the cost of living will start from 3000 rubles per day for a standard service package.

Residential houses in Abzakovo

Residential houses in Abzakovo

When renting a private house, many tourists choose more privacy and lower cost at the expense of guaranteed service. However, only the official housing market in the village has several dozen options, with a starting price of from 1500 rubles per day.


If you check in one of the hotels or buildings of the holiday home, then the issue with food is decided based on the selected service package. The full package includes breakfast and dinner in the room, so the issue of obtaining provisions is cut off automatically.

If you pay only for accommodation, there will be more than 15 cafes, restaurants and snack bars at your service in the resort area. From the presented menu – Caucasian, traditional Russian and oriental cuisine. Average check of establishments – from 700 rubles for cafes and from 1100 rubles for restaurants for a set lunch / dinner.


The main leisure area in Abzakovo is an entertainment center `` NON-Stop '', operating on the territory of the resort. This is a complex entertainment area designed for children and adults. The two-storey building of the center includes:
  • Night club with a dance area;
  • Bowling;
  • Billiard rooms;
  • Two children's rooms with game machines and attractions;
  • Cinema and concert hall for 250 seats;
  • Conference hall;
  • Private cinema for 15 seats;
  • Souvenir shop;
  • Restaurant, cafes, shops and pharmacy.

Truly male entertainment – shooting – you can do it at the specially designated Abzakovo training ground. This is a stand complex where you can shoot:
  • From sports rifles on skeet;
  • From hunting rifles and semi-automatic rifles on vertical targets;
  • From air rifles (children's shooting range).

Throughout the winter, a horse club is open in Abzakovo, offering everyone a ride horseback riding on the territory of the ski center. The club employs experienced instructors who will teach horse riding even to those who have never sat on a horse.

Well, no reputable ski center can do without renting snowmobiles, ATVs and helicopter rides. All this is offered in specially designated areas of the resort.

Children's rest

The possibilities of children's recreation at the ski resort of Abzakovo are great, to some extent – even more than a number of other Russian winter resorts.

If we talk about alpine skiing itself, then the center has its own school, designed for both children and adult groups. Difference Abzakovo – as training. Several dozen coaches work at the school, including candidates and masters of sports, participants in international competitions. Therefore, your child will remain in the safe hands of experienced athletes.

Of the children's entertainment, the main thing is Dinopark, located a minute's drive from the ski base itself. Scattered over a vast area are 28 life-size moving sculptures of prehistoric reptiles. Some dinosaurs are up to 13 meters tall, with each sculpture not only moving, but also making loud sounds, just like in Hollywood movies.

There is also a children's area at the local water park, where those who are tired of freezing on the snowy slopes come. The water in the main pool is maintained at a level of 29 ° C all year round, so that it will be comfortable for a child even when there is a bitter frost outside. In total, the water park has three large slides, a hydromassage zone and a children's pool for teaching children to swim.

 Children's rest

Children's rest

The local zoo is very popular among family guests. Its territory is not so large, but among the inhabitants you can see Amur tigers, wolves, bears, raccoon dogs, sika deer and llamas. There is an opportunity to feed non-dangerous animals from the hands, which always causes an enthusiastic reaction.

Treatment in Abzakovo

It's no secret that the ski resort Abzakovo has an official prefix to the name – sports and fitness center. Not every winter resort in Russia can boast of such a title, which makes Abzakovo to some extent a unique place where you can not only relax and ski, but also improve your health.

At one of the local houses recreation medical center providing the following range of services:
  • SPA procedures;
  • Anti-cellulite procedures;
  • Cosmetic and therapeutic massage;
  • Correction of the spine in case of scoliosis;
  • Bowel cleansing;
  • Physiotherapy.

The last point is of particular interest to the guests of the resort, as it has unique treatment methods. One of these methods is the infrared cabin, which is also called the infrared sauna. As you might guess, the procedure is based on heating by means of lamps that bring the patient's body to a certain temperature, at which excess liquid, fats and toxins are removed through sweat.

Important: All procedures offered in the wellness center Abzakovo, have many contraindications, so be sure to have a referral from your doctor and a medical record.

Another innovative method of treatment in Abzakovo is the speleoclimatic chamber, which is, in fact, an artificially created salt cave. The procedures are reduced to inhaling salt vapor in a relaxed position. According to experts, this technique has a beneficial effect on the body in the treatment of respiratory ailments, including asthma, as well as various allergies.

Reviews about Abzakovo

One one of the distinctive features of Abzakovo is that the resort's management actively responds to the opinions of people visiting the base. Only the official website has a separate section where anyone can share their impressions of the quality of service, the convenience of the slope and the level of service in hotels.

Most of the lifts – ski tows designed for trained skiers.
Nevertheless, it is Abzakovo, despite the aforementioned disadvantages, that continues to attract the bulk of tourists from the Urals, and even from other Russian regions.

Frequently asked questions about Abzakovo

The presence of several official websites of the resort, as well as a detailed description of services, as practice has shown, do not always meet all the requirements of guests of Abzakovo. Tourists have questions constantly, and the management methodically publishes answers to them on all resources of the ski center.

The editorial staff of the Vipgeo portal has selected the most frequent questions from users and presents competent answers to them.

When are reservations for rooms and cottages open for the winter season?

It is not possible to book in summer. So that there is no unnecessary excitement, the resort's management opens the possibility of booking rooms in hotels only at the end of September. Each year the date is different, but by the first week of October it is already possible to book any room or any cottage for the available date you are interested in.

I heard that Dinopark does not work in winter, is it so?

No, that's not true. Dinopark works all year round with the only restriction - – at an air temperature of -15 ° C and below, dinosaur sculptures are turned off, because moving elements are not designed for frost.

Is it possible to ride the map in winter?

Unfortunately, A three-day tour in this format, taking into account accommodation and meals, will cost from 58,000 rubles.

If the starting point is Magnitogorsk, then the prices for tickets to Abzakovo will pleasantly surprise even experienced tourists. The average cost of a similar three-day tour will be 6500 rubles excluding ski pass and expenses for third-party entertainment.
You can choose the best tour to Abzakovo on our website. Just leave a request and you will be contacted.

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