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Where to rest in winter for residents of Kemerovo

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  • Beach vacation;

  • Ski vacation;

  • Excursion vacation.

Many people tend to believe that it will not be possible to have a good rest in winter, and if a vacation falls in the winter, then it can be considered wasted. However, in fact, in winter there are many opportunities for beach, active and sightseeing recreation.

Beach vacation

Of course, Russian beaches on the Black Sea are inaccessible in winter , since the weather at this time of the year is not very suitable for us. Tours to Turkey from Kemerovo are also irrelevant in winter - it is very cool in a popular tourist country at this time. However, there are other countries worth considering.


Russian tourists love Thailand for a long time, and there is a very good reason for this - after all, the high season begins here in winter, so it is best to take a trip"from winter to summer" here. In addition, Thailand, like Kemerovo, is located in Asia, so the flight there will not take too long.

Thailand is ideal for relaxation - there are beaches, luxury hotels, and ample opportunities for active and nightlife and shopping. In addition, Thailand offers unusual shows and interesting cultural and natural attractions.


data-mce-style="text-align: center;">Thailand

The best weather for holidays in Thailand is from December to March - the air warms up to +30 ° С during the day, and water - up to +28 ° С. It is almost always sunny and dry - all the rains here fall in the summer. So the conditions for recreation are very good.

When it comes to tours to Thailand from Kemerovo, we usually mean tours to Phuket or Pattaya. Tours to Phuket cost from 28 thousand rubles for 11-12 nights. Last minute tours from Kemerovo to Pattaya cost a little more, from 38 thousand rubles. Meals in Thailand are usually only with breakfasts - the"All inclusive" system is not very common here. But there is entertainment at these resorts for every taste.


In terms of winter recreation, Vietnam is very much like Thailand. Here, too, there are continuous rains in the summer, but in winter there is a sunny dry weather with a air temperature in the region of + 30 ° C, and the water temperature of + 27 ° C. But Vietnam is very different in some ways. Due to the complex military past, the tourist infrastructure there has not developed for a long time, so now it is still far from ideal. There are no equipped beaches and noisy entertainment, but there is an opportunity to relax well and calmly. And, what is nice, the prices for last-minute tours to Vietnam from Kemerovo are lower than to Thailand - trip for 11 nights will cost from 19.5 thousand. Hotels are also usually only with breakfast, or no meals at all, But don't worry - there are a lot of cafes in Vietnam where you can taste interesting local cuisine for an inexpensive price.


There are not very many resorts in Vietnam, and Nyanchang is the most popular among tourists from Kemerovo - here the infrastructure is the most developed , so you can relax on the beach in comfort.


In general, in winter, the climate in China is not very favorable for a beach holiday - but it is good for sightseeing. However, the tropical island Hainan is an exception to the rule. It rains here all summer, but in winter they stop. The air at this time warms up up to +22 ° С, and the water - up to 25 ° С, which is very pleasant for those who do not like the intense heat of Asian resorts. The island is very beautiful, the beaches and the air are clean, a lot of interesting vegetation. In general, you can have a good rest. Tours to China from Kemerovo in winter are not very expensive, from 21 thousand rubles per person.


data-mce-style="text-align: center;">China

As you can see, There are a lot of opportunities for a beach holiday - there are also countries such as UAE or Goa in India.

Ski holidays

Winter is the ideal time for a ski holiday. At the same time, it is not necessary to travel far - Kemerovo is located next to the famous Sheregesh throughout Russia, and in the region itself there are several resorts suitable for skiing.

In the region

Not far from Kemerovo there are several ski bases. Of course, they do not provide a wide range of trails for skiing, but they allow you to practice downhill skiing inexpensively and not far from home.

Gornaya Salanga

This ski resort is located in the Tisul region, and it is especially loved professional skiers. There are four tracks working here, two of them are new. One track is suitable for beginners. Tourists are brought to the top by drag lifts. The maximum length of the track is 1350 meters, the height difference is 190 meters, there is a snow park and tracks for children, instructors, cafes and restaurants. Freeride fans can ride on virgin snow, there are jumps on the tracks.

Gornaya Salanga

data-mce-style="text-align: center;">Gornaya Salanga

Golden Mountain

This resort is located near Guryevsk. There is high snow density, thick snow cover and severe frosts, so you can ride for a long time. Skiers and snowboarders are offered six slopes of varying difficulty, the longest of which stretches for 1200 meters. The trails are illuminated, equipment rental, cafes and restaurants are available. For picnic lovers, there are areas with barbecue and firewood. There is an opportunity to take a steam bath or go on a hiking trip along the snowy slopes - in general, there is a lot of entertainment. Separate tracks for children have been equipped.

Mayakovaya Mountain

The resort is practically on the territory of Novokuznetsk. There are five slopes, two of them specially for children. The trails are illuminated in the evenings, so you can ski even after sunset. The height difference is about 120 meters. The infrastructure at the base is not very developed, but there are instructors for teaching skating.


The ski base is located not far from Myski, in a very beautiful place. Here you can ride on six tracks with a vertical drop of up to 180 meters. The longest track is 1200 meters. There are drag lifts, equipment rental, restaurants and cafes. Novice skiers are offered by experienced instructors. Also on the territory of the base there is a hotel complex with a sauna, bathhouse and billiards.


data-mce-style="text-align: center;">Mras-Su

There are other interesting ski resorts in the Kemerovo region, but all of them are undoubtedly inferior to Sheregesh.


Sheregesh is a very popular ski resort. It is located right in the Kemerovo region, near Mount Zelenaya, so it is very easy to get to it from Kemerovo. Sheregesh offers its guests a highly developed skiing infrastructure. There are 8 tracks here, the longest of which stretches for three kilometers. In the upper part of the Zelena Mountain slope there are two challenging tracks - one black and red and one red - which will appeal to experienced athletes. There are also tracks designed for beginners, as well as unprepared"plump" tracks. Skiing starts at an altitude of 1270 meters.

Recently, the resort was supplemented with the E sector, in which you can comfortably ride even in a blizzard. There is a snow park in the zone, where you can practice different riding styles. All tracks are equipped with lifts, including recently, a six-seater modern cable car was built, allowing you to get to the top of the mountain in just 10 minutes.

The trails work from November almost until May, so you can ride here for a very long time. True, for lovers of night skiing, nothing shines here in the literal sense - at night the tracks are not illuminated. But it will definitely not be bored here - apart from mountain skiing and snowboarding, Sheregesh offers a full range of entertainment, from riding on cheesecakes to baths and billiards. There are also a lot of accommodation options - there are both simple houses and luxury hotels.

Tours to Sheregesh from Kemerovo cost around 12 thousand - there are both cheaper and more expensive options, depending on the hotel and the duration of the rest. Do not forget that you also need to purchase a ski pass, think about lunch and, if necessary, about equipment rental.

Excursion holidays

In winter, not only beach and active ski holidays are available. There are ample opportunities for sightseeing holidays. For example, tours to Petersburg from Kemerovo are very popular. On average, they cost around 25 thousand per person, including the flight. In winter, St. Petersburg has a very special atmosphere, and the weather allows you to comfortably see the sights.


data-mce-style="text-align: center;">Moscow

Tours in Moscow, and abroad for the holidays you can go to Prague - it will cost in the region of 25-27 thousand. In general, there are really a lot of options.

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Topic: Where to rest in winter for residents of Kemerovo.Where to rest in winter for residents of Kemerovo

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