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Where to go skiing in March

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Alpine skiing in March – an excellent reason to relax for those who did not get a winter vacation, or the New Year's holidays seemed too short. But where to go if the nearest resorts are slowly preparing to close, and the desire to ride is growing every day? The tourist portal VipGeo has prepared a story about the best foreign and Russian destinations for ski holidays, ideal for the first month of spring.

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Where in Norway ski in March

Many tourist portals unjustifiably scold Norway for the modesty of ski resorts with the country's enormous natural resources. But that's all the Scandinavians – sport is paramount, and internationally recognized Olympic resorts often have minimal entertainment infrastructure. As for the spring season – you can choose any base, but preference is given to the north of the country and the slopes near the famous glaciers.

But the first acquaintance with the land of the Vikings often takes place in the town of Voss, which is an hour's drive from the legendary city of Bergen. The settlement is divided into the Upper and Lower villages, which have united almost 70 km of prepared tracks of various difficulty levels. Elevation differences are not critical, and there are hardly 10 lifts on all slopes. But on the other hand, everyone can ride here until mid-April, until the first grass begins to break through on the slopes.

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Topic: Where to go skiing in March.Where to go skiing in March

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