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Museum-icebreaker ”Angara” description and photo - Russia - Siberia: Irkutsk

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Museum-icebreaker "Angara" description and photos - Russia - Siberia: Irkutsk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The Angara Icebreaker Museum is one of the most fascinating and unique museums in Irkutsk. The steam icebreaker "Angara" is one of the first icebreakers in the world and, probably, the oldest of the ships of this type that have survived to this day.

Back in 1898, the Russian government issued an order for the construction of an icebreaker. The order was carried out by the British shipbuilding company Sir VG Armstrong in Newcastle. The icebreaker was completed in 1899 and delivered in parts to Lake Baikal, where it was assembled under the guidance of engineer-shipbuilder V. Zabolotsky. Crew of a vessel with a displacement of 1400 tons and a capacity of 1250 hp machines. forces, was 50 people. "Angara", launched at the end of July 1900, together with the ferry "Baikal" was intended to ensure the crossing of trains across Lake Baikal, paving the way in the ice. In the period 1907-16. the ship was at rest. With the adoption of the decree "On the nationalization of the merchant fleet," the Angara icebreaker was also nationalized.

During the Civil War, the ship, armed with guns and machine guns, took part in hostilities on the shores of Lake Baikal. From 1922 to 1960, the Angara icebreaker made voyages on Lake Baikal, delivering cargo and passengers, and towing barges in winter. Due to inadequate care and obsolescence, the vessel was excluded from the fleet and transferred to the Irkutsk reservoir for the needs of DOSAAF. In 1975 it was decommissioned and sent for recycling, but it ran aground while passing to the port, where it was until 1987. It was then that the decision was made to restore the icebreaker and turn it into a museum.

November 1990 "Angara" was erected at the pier opposite the Solnechny microdistrict of Irkutsk. The exposition of the museum is presented in two complexes: the history of navigation on Lake Baikal and the history of the icebreaker "Angara". The first complex is considered to be leading.

At present, the Angara icebreaker needs restoration. By the decision of the Arbitration Court, the icebreaker was transferred to the possession of the Irkutsk Oblast rescue service, which planned to inspect the technical condition of the icebreaker and the necessary repairs.

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Topic: Museum-icebreaker ”Angara” description and photo - Russia - Siberia: Irkutsk.Museum-icebreaker ”Angara” description and photo - Russia - Siberia: Irkutsk

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