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Amusement Park Europa Park (Europa Park) description and photos - Germany: Freiburg

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Europa Park (Europa Park) description and photos - Germany: Freiburg

Amusement Park Europa Park (Europa Park) description and photos - Germany: Freiburg. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Europa Park.

Photo and description

Europa-Park, the largest entertainment city in Germany and the second in Europe after Disneyland, was opened in 1975. Since then, the number of its visitors has grown from 250 thousand to five million, and in 2014 the authoritative periodical Amusement Today, which deals with the coverage of the amusement parks industry, presented Europa-Park with the main prize at the annual Golden Ticket Awards ceremony.

The area of the park is 950 thousand square meters. m.Visitors will find more than a hundred attractions, various shows, attractions, themed hotels and fifteen sites representing European countries.

Park Sectors

An excursion to an amusement park in Germany allows its visitors to take a walk for several European countries:

  • Austria offers a ride on a Viennese swing and an introduction to the diamond adit.
  • Football trade show, sports bar, Adidas shopping and doubledacker ride - this is the UK.
  • A huge cinema and a slide "Silver Star", whose height reaches 73 meters, are the most famous sights of France in Europa-Park.
  • A trip to the world of illusions with special special effects awaits guests in Greek parts of the park. There you can also repeat the flight of Icarus and ride on the water slides, in which not the Acropolis and the Trojan Horse are organically inscribed.
  • The ideal sector for a holiday with toddlers is Ireland, with children's slides, playgrounds and a spinning dragon carousel.
  • Italian passions are in full swing in the Castle of Ghosts, and based on Leonardo's drawings, the monorail ride allows you to look at the park from above.
  • The popular Flying Dutchman carousel was built in the Netherlands.
  • Fjord rafting is organized in Scandinavia.

Russian "territory" in Europa-Park is popular not only among compatriots. The excursion begins with a pavilion erected based on GUM's motives, and the highlight of the program is the EuroMir slides, built of steel and reminding the world of Russian space programs. The track runs around huge mirror towers, the maximum ascent is made to a height of 28 meters, and the speed of the gondolas is 100 km / h. Next to the hill, you can see the layout of the Mir space station, and in the modules docked to it you can if desired, even climb.

The Russian spirit in Europa-Park is perfectly conveyed in the craft pavilions, where traditional folk crafts are presented for our country and blacksmiths, icon painters, potters and glass blowers work. The items you like are sold in gift shops.

The most interesting attractions


Among the attractions of Europa-Park, the following are especially popular:

- Blue Fire Megacoaster slide in Iceland, built by Gazprom. Inversions, sound and light effects, a length of more than a kilometer and a 38-meter height make the "Blue Flame" one of the brightest stars of Europa-Park.

- Three Silver Star roller coaster trains each hour provide 1,750 passengers with the opportunity to ride the park's famous attraction. Trains move in all kinds of planes and make turns by 180 ° and 270 °, and the height difference on the attraction is 67 meters.

- The Wodan Timbur Coaster slides in the Icelandic part of the park are built in the theme of Scandinavian mythology and reproduce the effects of fire, water, fog and thunderstorms. Passengers plunge into tunnels, plunge into smoke screens and naturally feel the wrath of the god Odin, after whom the train is named.

- Roller coaster with inverted backs ARTHUR is a half-kilometer attraction, the guests of which find themselves in an enchanted forest, then cross stream, but end up on the island. The impression is greatly enhanced by 4D effects - smells, wind, sounds and more.

And finally, the Mercedes-Benz Hall is a small museum that displays a full-size copy of the Mercedes-Benz Formula One car.

When planning a visit to the park, take into account its particular popularity among tourists in the second half of summer. In August, the queues for some attractions may take at least an hour of your time.

How to get there

The amusement park is located in the town of Rust, located in the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Getting from the nearest major city of Freiburg is convenient by car (40 km on the E35) or by train (from Freiburg Hbf station to Ringsheim Bahnhof, from where buses leave for Europa-Park).

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Topic: Amusement Park Europa Park (Europa Park) description and photos - Germany: Freiburg.Amusement Park Europa Park (Europa Park) description and photos - Germany: Freiburg

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