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Interesting facts about the Czech Republic

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For many Russians, the Czech Republic is at the same time a"native" tourist country due to the proximity of cultures and the glorious socialist past, but many of our compatriots are also surprised a lot when they first come here. This surprise is not always pleasant, because over 20 years of independence the Czech Republic has changed a lot that we are used to knowing about it.

So what interesting facts about the Czech Republic should be known to those who are going to visit this country?


Popular Czech souvenir - Mole

Mentality and behavior

  • Czechs do not come to visit without an invitation, this can be regarded by the owner as an attempt to humiliate him and a manifestation of disrespect.
  • One of the most terrible insults for an adult Czech will be the word" old man". Age here is an individual and highly intimate concept, especially for someone who has already lived to gray hair.
  • The younger generation in the Czech Republic, as a rule, chooses English as the foreign language studied , and the older is more likely to speak German.
  • Czech is one of the most difficult European languages, even linguistic scholars admit this fact. It contains words consisting entirely of consonants.
  • Czechs, as a rule, are fluent in Russian mats and jargon, but they themselves often use the names of animals as insults.
  • Czechs are not customary to live"according to their wealth". Even if a local resident has a decent salary, in no case should he demonstrate this to others. This behavior is considered barbaric in the Czech Republic.
  • Also, weddings are not accepted in the Czech Republic. Celebrating marriage is allowed only with the closest people with a minimum number of dishes. But a must-have on the wedding table is a cake, which in its luxury can compensate for the rest of the modest treats.
  • Important: In Czech supermarkets, you must definitely take a cart or basket for groceries. If the buyer does not, he will be immediately suspected of stealing.


Pomegranate earrings
  • Czechs are very emotional, and will never pass by crying man on the street. Local traditions will require you to hug him and ask him what happened.
  • Health for a Czech is one of the main things in life. Here they will never condemn a person who blows his nose loudly, but on the contrary, they will advise him on a specific medicine.
  • In the Czech Republic it is not customary to snap seeds. Instead, stores sell all kinds of nuts.
  • Famous Czech cartoon characters - Krot, Krzhemelik and Vakhmurka - are some of the most popular souvenirs in the Czech Republic. Keychains and magnets depicting these characters are very well bought not only by tourists, but also by the Czechs themselves.
  • The Czech Santa Claus's name is Saint Mikulas, but he does not give gifts for Christmas or New year, and on their name days - on the night from 5th to 6th December. According to tradition, naughty children will definitely get a piece of coal, and those who behaved well, together with their faithful helper - an angel - bring gifts.
  • The most popular jewelry gift in the Czech Republic is garnet jewelry. According to an ancient pre-Christian legend, this semi-precious stone wards off evil spirits and protects the wearer from failure. / li>
  • If a Czech lives in a house included in the list of architectural monuments, he has no right to change old frames for plastic windows. Such actions are considered an outrage against history, and will require the immediate return of the old frames to their place and the payment of a huge fine.
  • The Czechs calmly drink water from the tap. Local wastewater treatment plants are checked daily for bacteria in the water, which must meet a host of safety requirements.


Czechs have a boundless love of pets
  • It is not accepted to drink classic mineral water without a doctor's prescription in the Czech Republic. For those who cannot live without mineral water, there is bottled mineral water - with a sweet taste.
  • Students in the Czech Republic enjoy great benefits, especially - to visit museums and theater. Russian student ID cards are known here and accepted in most cultural institutions.
  • When buying beer in glass bottles in the Czech Republic, you must return empty containers to the collection point. Most often, such points work at large supermarkets.
  • At Czech gas stations, the car is first refueled, and only then they go to pay the bill according to the screen at the gas station.
  • Drivers on Czech roads are obliged to let a pedestrian pass if he approaches a zebra. The fines for violating this rule are much higher than in Russia.
  • In the historical quarters of Czech cities, it is not allowed to place satellite dishes on the roofs of houses - it spoils the architectural view from above.
  • The fair sex in the Czech Republic prefer restrained style of clothing, high heels are quite rare - practicality is highly valued.
  • Czech women also take third place in life expectancy in Europe - after Greek and Italian women. The average life expectancy in the Czech Republic is 80 years.
  • Czechs drink beer more than other nations. There are more than 160 liters per capita per year.


Ossuary Church
  • In the Czech Republic there are very few smokers, and it is almost impossible to see a person with a cigarette on the move.
  • One of the oldest"professions" in the Czech Republic is beggars. In the Middle Ages, on the territory of modern Czech Republic, there was its own Guild of Beggars, founded by elderly miners and excavators. This"organization" existed until the end of the 19th century!
  • Czechs are distinguished by their boundless love for pets. Czechs consider walking a pet a pleasant necessity. Pet shops are generously scattered throughout the cities.
  • By the way, you cannot walk your dog in the Czech Republic without a special bag and a scoop for feces.

Other facts

  • The Czech Republic became an independent state in 1993, before that it was part of Czechoslovakia.
  • Czech beer, if not the tastiest in the world, then certainly occupies a leading position.
  • Czech Republic is the record holder among European countries for the number of marijuana smokers.
  • Drugs are legalized in the Czech Republic. True, there are certain restrictions: heroin - 1.5 grams, ecstasy - 4 pills, marijuana - 15 grams, cocaine - 1 gram, amphetamine - 2 grams.
  • In the Czech Republic there is a church entirely built of human bones ... It is called that, Ossuary. Once she was even considered a saint. It was built in the 18th century from bones unearthed in local cemeteries. Previously, this site was used for burials during the plague in the 14th century.
  • It is sometimes even cheaper to dine in a cafe in the Czech Republic than in the case of home cooking.


Prague Castle
  • Prague Castle is the largest castle in all of Europe.
  • The Czech language is one of the most difficult, even linguistic scholars admit this fact. It contains words consisting entirely of consonants.
  • Veterinarian is a very prestigious and profitable profession in the Czech Republic.
  • Prostitution is legalized in the Czech Republic, as well as the production of porn films. This industry is taking a stronger and stronger position in the Czech economy every year.
  • The favorite sport among Czechs is hockey. The country is even a 6-time world ice hockey champion.
  • The Czech Republic is the country with the most stable and successful economy among the members of the former socialist camp.
  • Crime in the Czech Republic is a very curious subject. One side, the number of violent crimes in this country is one of the lowest in Europe, but on the other hand, it is the leader in the number of pickpockets and vehicle thefts.
  • Prague in ancient times had the status of the most influential city in Europe. This was during the reign of Charles IV (1346-1378), who was King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The Eiffel Tower is visible from some corners of Prague.
  • Czech cuisine is rich in variety meat dishes. The country is the leader in eating meat products in Europe.
  • Sugar cubes were invented in the Czech Republic.


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