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Life in Thailand for Russians

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Life in Thailand is much cheaper than in any region of Russia. Why? Because there is no need to purchase warm autumn, winter clothes. Due to the rather warm, slightly changing climate, it is enough to have only light clothes and shoes with you, which are literally a penny here. Another plus of the cheapness of clothing in Thailand – the lack of any desire among the local population tends to dress in the brands of famous couturiers. All that matters to them is – quality of tailored clothing and its comfort, ease of use.

Apart from clothing, accommodation and meals are cheaper in the country. Quite good in terms of home design, apartments can be bought, rented 3, and sometimes 4 times cheaper than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The food is quite varied and exotic.

Public transport is also quite affordable. Travel by the most common in the country `` taxi '' - a tuk-tuk costs no more than 10 baht, which is 3 times less than the total price of a ticket to the Moscow metro, bus.  Image


A pleasant, gentle and most importantly warm tropical climate adds advantages to this country and contributes to a long stay of the Russian population in Thailand. However, it should be borne in mind that such a warm, humid climate is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before moving to Thailand for a long time, consult with doctors or stay here for 2-3 weeks. Representatives of the Buddhist religion and traditions feel at home in Thailand and simply do not want to return to boring, cold Russia.

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Topic: Life in Thailand for Russians.Life in Thailand for Russians

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