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National clothes of Japan

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National clothing of Japan has always been a part of the country's mysterious and exotic culture. Many people know what a `` kimono '' is, but not everyone uses this word to the point. The same goes for some other elements of traditional wardrobe from the homeland of the samurai. Let's take a look at the most famous samples of clothes and shoes that the Japanese gave us.

Japanese national clothing

Japanese national dress

History of Japanese national costume

In the Jomon era, which lasted since   13000 to 300 BC, the Japanese had simple hemp fiber clothing. In the first millennium BC, the Korean-Manchu costume appeared in Japanese clothing, and in the 5th century AD, the Japanese costume looked like Chinese Hanfu.

In the Middle Ages, at aristocrats, priests and samurai wore special hakama skirt pants over kimonos. Ordinary people wore such clothes only on holidays or on special occasions, for example, a wedding.

Since 1392 hakama could not be worn; a special belt was tied over the kimono – obi.

In 1603, the costume acquired the look that has survived to this day. The sleeves were pulled out, the obi belt was made wider,

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Topic: National clothes of Japan.National clothes of Japan

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