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Baggage weight and baggage removal from Thailand

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Tourist not a tourist if you have not collected a bunch of goods from Thailand on the way back. I would like to please relatives and friends with exotic souvenirs, dress up in local boutiques, take away a piece of warmth and good mood. But there are restrictions on the exported baggage from Thailand, both in terms of weight and content.

How much baggage can I take out of Thailand?

You will find the answer to the question on your ticket. Most airlines set a 20 kg limit. This mark applies to baggage that you check into the hold. If suddenly while weighing your luggage will exceed the established mark, you will have to pay extra for each additional kilogram. As for hand luggage, its weight, as a rule, should not be more than 7 kilograms. At the same time, liquids and gels with a volume of more than 100 ml cannot be included here. You can weigh your luggage in advance at the airport. This service costs about 10 baht.Image

Ivory jewelry

What cargo is forbidden to export from Thailand?

· corals in unprocessed form;

· ivory, leather and bones of protected animals;

· drugs. This point should be taken seriously, because trying to smuggle drugs in Thailand is sentenced to death. Be careful and do not agree to carry someone else's luggage, no matter how tearfully they beg you.

Buddha images (with the exception of small worn medallions), bodhisattvas.

Goods not subject to circulation : counterfeit money, obscene items, items containing pornographic elements.

Goods requiring a special approach when exporting from Thailand.

· jewelry. For their export, a special certificate is required, which can be obtained from the store. Customs will ask for it and you will have to show it.Image

Souvenirs with a picture of Buddha

· Antiques and works of art require an export license which is obtained from the Department of Fine Arts. For its registration, you will need 2 photographs of the front side of the items and a copy of the applicant's passport.


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Topic: Baggage weight and baggage removal from Thailand.Baggage weight and baggage removal from Thailand

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