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Beach holiday in January

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January for many countries, including Russia – cold and frosty time, so many people at this time strive to escape to rest in warm regions, especially when the New Year holidays are over, but they want new experiences and entertainment. We will tell you which parts of the world you should visit in order to arrange for yourself the perfect beach vacation in January.


Thailand – one of the favorite vacation spots for tourists who cannot imagine their life without the sea and active entertainment. In January, the country is quite hot and almost always dry, occasionally it rains, the water temperature reaches +28 ° C, the air warms up to +30 ° C. In the evening, it is generally warm, but sometimes the temperature drops to +22 ° C.

The most popular local resorts for tourists – this is Pattaya with chic hotels and unforgettable entertainment and beach vacations, the picturesque island of Phuket with the purest water, as well as the island of Koh Samui, where it is more comfortable and comfortable to relax for families with children.

Prices for holidays in Thailand are quite affordable, there are options for housing and food for every taste and budget. People come here to swim in the warm sea waters and sunbathe, go kayaking, diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, ride a yacht. In January, the country celebrates the Chinese New Year, as well as Children's Day, where tourists who love colorful events can see unforgettable carnival processions and fun shows.

You can buy everything in Thailand, from branded clothing, jewelry and elite cosmetics to national costumes,

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Topic: Beach holiday in January.Beach holiday in January

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