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Things not to do in Berlin

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German the capital is very different from other German cities not only in appearance, but also in a number of cultural features. Like any big city, Berlin has its own rules of conduct and any type of recreation. It is better to know these rules in advance so as not to get into an awkward situation, or even to become a participant in serious troubles. There are not so many things you shouldn't do in Berlin.

Go to Checkpoint Charlie

The infamous Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin is not popular that among American tourists. The Allied Forces checkpoint on the border between East and West Berlin was once the site of controversy in the unleashing Cold War before the Wall was erected. Now here you can see American flags and young people in reconstructed US military uniforms from the 50s. There is also a museum at the checkpoint that tells about the horrors of totalitarianism, which, in fact, is an illustration of anti-Soviet propaganda in West Germany.


Checkpoint Charlie

Buy a tour on the Trabant

One of the symbols of the GDR is a car “ Trabant" - has long been the subject of anecdotes about the backwardness of the socialist countries. In today's Germany,"Trabants" are used for nostalgic excursions to some cities. In the capital,"Trabant" with the inscription"I LOVE BERLIN" can be rented and independently driven around the city. It is not recommended to do this, because many rental cars are in a deplorable technical condition, breakdowns on the roads are a common thing, which can greatly ruin the mood for the whole day.

Walking at night in tourist quarters

By the way, the main tourist spots in Berlin cannot be called absolutely safe even in the daytime. For example, Alexanderplatz is considered one of Berlin's criminal districts, bypassing neighborhoods where the main population is migrants from Turkey and the Middle East. Not only pickpockets are worth fearing here, but also swindlers of various profiles - it is worth ignoring any offers and requests for help, especially from gypsies and other people of oriental appearance.

Try street food

Fast food in Berlin for many years becomes one of the main issues actively discussed in parliament. On the one hand, street food outlets have given many jobs and a significant boost to the city's budget from trade taxes. On the other hand, the business indulgences that followed the fall of the Wall led to an outspoken substitute for food. Buying sausages in Berlin is not recommended. Most often, they are prepared in violation of all sanitary standards, not to mention the recipe - the Germans themselves constantly joke that they do not know whose meat it is made of.

Spend a lot of time on Potsdamer Platz

No matter how actively the guides invite to visit Potsdamer Platz, it is better to do it last. The problem with this place is that after World War II, the historic center of Berlin was rebuilt in violation of all conceivable laws of architectural style and historical accuracy. It now features multi-storey shopping malls and offices that stand out from the crowd, not to mention chain stores of Asian apparel and accessories brands.


Potsdamer Platz

Violate local laws

Berlin shares the first place with Munich in terms of the number of fines for tourists and the amount of these penalties. For example, you have to pay 40 euros for a free metro ride. Severe fines for traffic violations, and they are equally severe for both drivers and pedestrians. The joke about a cigarette butt thrown past an urn in Berlin is a harsh reality - depending on the area, the fine can be up to 200 euros. The Germans treat cleanliness on the streets with the same zeal as they do the rules of behavior on the road.

Stay in luxury hotels

Many tourists will be attracted by hotels promoted in guidebooks, where at one time world celebrities and politicians have stayed. For foreigners in Germany there is even a simplified visa issuance system if a room in a luxury hotel has been booked in advance. It is not forbidden to do this, but the overpayment for the fact of living in the room where Michael Jackson or another star once lived is colossal. Rooms in these hotels cost up to 3 thousand euros per day, depending on the season. Whether it makes sense to give such a huge amount of money, it is up to a specific tourist to decide.

Spend all the time in museums

The scarcity of modern Berlin architecture is a myth invented by competitors from others travel companies. Of course, the German capital has world-class museum complexes, but spending the entire vacation on visiting them is the wrong decision. It is best to consult a guide and arrange your visit to the city in such a way that museum excursions are combined with walks in interesting Berlin places.


Old Museum

Use one-time tickets

A ticket for one visit to a museum or any other Berlin event will cost quite expensive. For tourists, a special electronic payment system using cards has been created, which can significantly save on paid attractions. In addition, a number of these cards provide free travel on the metro and other forms of public transport in the German capital.

Breaking the German dress code

The general rule for all Germany in Berlin is best observed with particular clarity. Bright colors and expensive clothes here can cause judgmental looks and chuckles behind your back. For women, one of the main rules is to forget about heels - the old pavements will not greedily break even the most expensive stiletto heels.

Talk out loud about politics

The place where is the seat of the Bundestag, receives hundreds of political statements every day from all broadcast sources, so it is not considered very polite to talk about politics in Berlin society. Although some Germans discuss the government with great zeal and even openly criticize the latest laws, tourists are not recommended to do so.

Be late for meetings

The general rule for all German cities, which determines the mentality of the majority of Germans. If the meeting is scheduled for 17:00, it is best to be on the spot 5 minutes before the start, because even a minute delay can cause a disruption of the event or its start, but without being late.

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