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Best Islands for Vacation

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Image Holy Trinity Island, Australia

Some tourists may not be enough just to go to a warm resort where the sun shines all year round and you can swim in the sea waters. Sometimes you want to be as cut off from civilization as possible. This is best done if you go to one of the islands. What is the best island for relaxation? Let's consider the most tempting options.

O. Holy Trinity. This heavenly place is located near Australia. It is extremely popular among the Australians themselves, which makes it very promising. The island has excellent beaches, distinguished by impeccable cleanliness and well-groomed. Especially worth highlighting is Whitehaven beach, which is located in the southeastern part of the island.

Image Whitehaven beach

Caribbean, Fr. Barbados. Every inhabitant of the planet has heard of the Caribbean islands, since childhood we all adore stories about pirates who ruled the waters of the Caribbean several centuries ago. Now you can feel the atmosphere of pirate romance by going to one of the brightest islands - Barbados. The landscapes here shimmer with emerald hues, white sand awaits you, endless sea surface and tranquility.

Image Caribbean islands

Maldives. When talking about the best islands for a vacation, one cannot fail to mention the Maldives, which have long gained fame as a reference resort, where you can hide away from the bustle of the city. It is also a very popular destination among newlyweds, for whom the resorts offer a special service and range of services.

Image In the Maldives

Fiji. This archipelago is located not far from Australia, the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash on its shores. It is said that this particular island is the first to meet the dawn on the planet. It is difficult to deny yourself such a pleasure. Fiji's main island is Viti Levu, which has the stunning Natadola Beach. Turquoise waters, rich green vegetation and white sand await holidaymakers.

Image Fiji Archipelago

Koh Tao. Most tourists go to popular Thai resorts like Pattaya, but seasoned travelers know what the best beach holiday in this region is on the islands. One of these is Koh Tao. Here on the coast you can meet sea turtles, after which the island was named.

Image Koh Tao

Moorea, French Polynesia. This pearl of planet Earth is the world's largest coral reef. Here every visitor becomes a diver, because to visit the islands of French Polynesia and not see the underwater wealth of this place is a real crime. You can endlessly explore the underwater world of the archipelago, but even without diving under water you can see how diverse the underwater world of the islands is - just take a ride on a boat with a transparent bottom. Moorea has the shape of a heart, which was formed as a result of the fall of half of a monolithic volcano under water.

Image Moorea, French Polynesia

Easter Island. This island is located in Chile, it is located more than 3700 kilometers from the continent, and is the most remote inhabited island. Its highlight is the mysterious stone statues, which, according to archaeologists, appeared here 1,500 years ago. Despite the fact that the island is not uninhabited, the beaches are deserted here, therefore it is quite possible to spend a vacation here alone and thinking about this mysterious place.

Image Stone statues of Easter Island

Santorini. Snow-white houses with blue roofs can be recognized even without having ever been to Greece. This place resembles a fairytale town; here you can arrange a walk along very beautiful streets or lie on the beaches with black sand. The sunset here is painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

Image Santorini Island

Nosy Be, Madagascar. This island, located near the African continent, is notable for the fact that here you can see lazy lemurs in their natural environment habitats, volcanic lakes, visit rum factories and ylang-ylang plantations. Lovers of underwater walks will also find something to do on Nosy Be. There is even a nature reserve on the island called Lokobe. Unlike many other islands on the list, here you can spend time at a music festival that takes place in May called"Donia".

Image Black lemur female

San Juan, Washington, USA This archipelago stands out from the rest with its unique atmosphere. The landscapes found here are not very typical for ordinary tropical islands. This place has been chosen by flocks of killer whales and whales, which can be watched in Lime Kiln Point Park. Or you can go on a tour of the lavender plantation and breathe in the aromas of purple flowers. The tourist infrastructure is very developed for the island, there are shops, restaurants and gardens with attractions.

Image Killer whales at Lime Kiln Point

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