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The Big Ural Ring

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Large The Ural Ring is one of the relatively new Russian tourist routes. Its creation was intended to increase the interest of domestic tourism in the Ural region, the study of its history and centuries-old cultural traditions. Tours are made individually, depending on the specific wishes of the tourist or tourist group.

Description of the route

Since the Great Ural Ring is a new tourist route in Russia, it has a clear structure and specific duration not. The only thing. What unites travelers is the conditionally “ring” structure and obligatory stops. Usually, the route begins and ends in Yekaterinburg, simultaneously capturing 10 settlements of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Perm Territory.

The mandatory program of the ring includes Nizhny Tagil, Solikamsk, Chusovoy, Perm and a number of other stops. The length of stay in each city or village is not negotiated, guests can be passing through here, or stay for several days. To appreciate the cultural program of a particular season, or to get to know the local attractions better.



Best of all with hotels and daily lodging at the end points of the tourist route - Perm or Yekaterinburg. Both cities are regional capitals, so there is a large selection of hotels ranging from two to five stars. There are also so-called"camping" hotels without categories of comfort and with a minimum of amenities.

In other cities, if you wish, you can use daily apartments. Such accommodation will be relevant for small groups of tourists or individuals. The advantage will be the relatively low price and lack of hotel obsession in service.



Sightseeing can be started right from the capital of the Sverdlovsk region. This city perfectly combines the modern look of the Russian metropolis and the ancient architecture of the city, which has become a border point between Europe and Siberia. One of the striking examples of the unique appearance of Yekaterinburg is the Sevastyanov House - this architectural monument of federal significance attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Sevastyanov's house
The other side of the popular places in Yekaterinburg is the museums. Regional Local History Museum, Radio Museum, Literary Life of the Urals Museum, Airborne Force Museum is only a small part of the sites that guests of the city can visit. The city sculpture of Yekaterinburg is always spelled out as a separate line - a monument to Vysotsky and Vladi, Gena Bukin and other life-size monuments have become popularly loved.
Monument to Vysotsky and Vladi


It would seem that the small town of Nevyansk should be a deep Ural province , but a large number of tourists come here every year for the sake of one attraction - the famous Nevyansk leaning tower. The architectural monument of the 18th century is included in the list of the Cultural Heritage of Russia and is a kind of response to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In addition, Nevyansk will be interesting for its Orthodox architecture. The city is home to the Ascension Cathedral - one of the few churches in the Urals that survived the Soviet years. Near Nevyanskaya there is a Old Believer village of Byngi.


Nevyanovskaya leaning tower

Nizhny Tagil

The famous center of metallurgy is also of great cultural importance for the entire Urals. Today in Nizhny Tagil almost 25 museums, the most famous of which is the Museum-plant of the history of mining equipment. This is the only open-air museum in Russia, created on the basis of a metallurgical plant. Visitors are allowed to walk through the blast furnaces built in the 19th century.

The historical heritage of Nizhny Tagil can be appreciated by visiting Fox Mountain and the famous Watchtower. The tower is now almost completely restored after decades of neglect.


Fox Mountain


Kachkanar is still an optional point of the Great Ural Ring, but the city is worth visiting at least for the sake of climbing the eponymous mountain, after which the settlement was named. Many tourists are sure to take their pictures against the background of Camel Rock, which looks like an exotic beast.


Camel Rock

Border between Europe and Asia

There are many marked boundaries between the two continents along the entire length of the Ural ridge, but the most the most visited is an obelisk a couple of kilometers from the village of Promysla, not far from Kachkanar. A dividing line between Asia and Europe has been drawn from the snow-white sculpture right on the asphalt.


The city of Chusovoy in the Perm Territory is known for several museums, the most important of which is the Museum of Ermak's campaign. In fact, the museum is part of a large ethnographic park located in the suburbs. According to legend, it was from here that Yermak Timofeevich's journey to Siberia began. Here you can also go to the Museum of the Peasant Hut, where all the exhibits will be allowed to be touched.


Museum of Ermak's campaign


The old city Solikamsk is famous for its unique architecture , miraculously preserved houses from different eras, for example, Voevoda's house. In addition, there are a large number of Orthodox churches in the city, which are often the objects of pilgrimage tours.


Cherdyn is considered the oldest settlement in the Kama region. According to the annals, the city was founded on this place in 1451. You can learn more about the history of the city and related events and personalities by visiting the Cherdyn Museum of Local Lore. In addition, the city has preserved architectural monuments of the 18th century, including some church buildings.


Cherdyn Museum of Local Lore


Known in tsarist Russia as a place of exile and executions of political prisoners, the small village Nyrob can be bypassed, or you can visit it within the Great Ural Ring. St. Nicholas Church, built here in 1704, is now included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, the village has several picturesque natural areas suitable for a relaxing holiday.


St. Nicholas Church


The ancient city Usolye is a pearl of the Permian land that has survived many troubles. The main trouble of the city was the construction of the Kamskaya hydroelectric power station, due to which part of the areas with historical buildings went under water. The surviving architectural monuments are now included in the Russian heritage and are being actively restored. These monuments include the Transfiguration Cathedral and the chambers of the Stroganov merchants.


Chambers of the Stroganov merchants


Perm - final point of the route of the Great Ural Ring. A millionaire city with a rich architectural and cultural heritage is undeservedly ignored by Russian tourists, but the Ural route is gradually restoring justice and increasing interest in this place. All excursions around Perm can be divided into themes - architecture, museums and cultural life.

Of course, the main museum of the city is the Perm Art Gallery. Its rooms are called the treasury of Russian painting. There are dozens of original works of great masters on display, including Repin, Serov, Levitan and Savrasov.


Perm Art Gallery

The list of architectural monuments of federal significance in Perm includes 14 objects. Among them are the Women's Gymnasium building, Gribushin's House, described in Pasternak's novel Doctor Zhivago, Noble Assembly and a number of other historically important buildings. There are dozens of sculptures and monuments in Perm that have long become the hallmark of the city.

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