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”Zhigulevskaya Around the World” - a tourist route in the Samara region

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Tours to Samara, as well as to neighboring cities of the region, are associated with numerous country routes among Russian travelers. Most of these areas – these are walking, car and even horseback tours. But from modern advanced tourists, few people know that in the Samara region there is one tourist route, passing not only by land, but also by water.


Zhigulevskaya Around the World

This is the Zhigulevskaya Around the World, the once legendary Soviet route, described in many travel magazines and even encyclopedias. Now the swim is experiencing a rebirth, thanks to the development of regional tourism and free information space.

But, like many other tourist routes in Russia, the 'round the world' has a difficult history.

History of the route

The first official mention of the Zhigulevskaya circumnavigation dates from 1968. That period of time can be described as the golden age of Soviet tourism. In the 1960s, several dozen routes for hiking and water tourism were created in almost every region of the USSR, at that time the Kuibyshev region was no exception.

There is, however, an alternative version of the history of the route. The Soviet press actively discussed the fact that one of the pioneers of the waterway was Vladimir Lenin. It was the father of the revolution, allegedly sailed along the Volga and Usa in 1890. Later, this fact was no less actively denied by journalists as an invention of Soviet propaganda.

Its name is `` Around the World ''; owes to the children's writer Sergei Grigoriev. As a friend of Maxim Gorky, he, together with the future founder of socialist realism, sailed on a skiff more than once along the Samara-Togliatti route. The impressions of these river walks were described in the story, which he called - – `` Around the World ''. The work did not have much fame, as did the writer himself. Therefore, until the 1960s, few people knew about the river route.


Togliatti Pier

The first instructor swim on the Zhiguli Around the World took place in the summer of 1968. A large group of tourists, assembled from AvtoVAZ employees, sat in a yaly, went from Tolyatti to Kuibyshev and back. The route took 8 days, 6 of which were spent on the water.

Further starts of the swims were planned in spring. This was done so that the groups of rowers had time to return to the celebration of Victory Day on May 9, and so that this return would become part of the festive program in Togliatti.

The crises of the 90s noticeably reduced the interest of tourists in this route , but AvtoVAZ employees, even in small groups of 4 people, went on a swim every year.


Important: One of the central stages of preparation for the swim – briefing. Even experienced crews are forced to listen to the safety rules of being on the water and the order of actions in case of accidents. In recent years, the organizers have actively encouraged the presence of a person with medical education or appropriate training in the team.

After the preparation, the yalov groups start. There may be discrepancies already on the first leg of the route. Sports groups rarely stop in Samara itself, and they sail immediately downstream of the Volga to the village of Perevoloki. Here tourists will be able to disembark and transport yalov to the bank of the Usa. Most often, a truck driveway is organized for these purposes.


Kuibyshev reservoir

The next stop awaits the group after going down the Usa. The key halt will be in the area of the famous Molodetsky kurgan – picturesque peak of Zhiguli. After a short rest, or, if necessary, – overnight stays – the group goes on.

The third key point before returning back to Togliatti will be the Kuibyshev reservoir, which is often called the Zhiguli Sea. From it follows the final rush to Togliatti, which completes the famous river circumnavigation.

Important: The average time to complete the route is considered to be a two-week interval. If the tourist group decides to take a break from the rafting and stay for a couple of days in Samara, the duration of the swim increases in direct proportion to the delays.


Passage of the Zhigulevskaya Circumnavigation; does not do without long halts and landings. Most often, group excursions to local attractions are organized for swim teams. The main cities of stops – Togliatti and Samara, where they have their own excursion programs at any time of the year.


In Samara, the historical heritage is much better preserved. The architectural ensembles of the 19th century are represented by the Iversky Women's Monastery and the Lutheran Parish of St. George. The building of the Samara Drama Theater is the brightest example of the pre-revolutionary pseudo-Russian style.


Samara Dramatic Theater

Sightseeing tours around Samara will not do without visiting the Zhigulevsky Brewery, where the legendary beer brand is produced. Those who like to tickle their nerves can go on an underground journey through Stalin's Bunker.

Interesting facts

For a long time, the water tourist route remained known only within the borders of the USSR. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, groups of foreign athletes, including those from the United States, began to gather in Togliatti.

Cultural programs can be organized for tourist groups right during the swims. Competitions, intellectual quizzes, open-air concerts – this is only part of what the Zhiguli tour operators.


Stalin's bunker

'Zhigulevskaya Around the World' has its own authority – Captains Council. The most experienced swimmers are elected to it, have shown their endurance in several heats. The head of the Council of Captains has the rank of `` Admiral. ''

In honor of one of these `` admirals '' now called the annual sports swim Around the World. Admiral Yuri Maslov – the person who led the tourist route for more than 17 years. Now the spring swim has a completely official name - – Yuri Maslov Zhigulevskaya Around the World.
leading the tourist route for over 17 years. Now the spring swim has a completely official name - – Yuri Maslov Zhigulevskaya Around the World.
led the tourist route for over 17 years. Now the spring swim has a completely official name - – Yuri Maslov Zhigulevskaya Around the World.

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Topic: ”Zhigulevskaya Around the World” - a tourist route in the Samara region.”Zhigulevskaya Around the World” - a tourist route in the Samara region

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