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Winter holidays in Turkey: not only shopping

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Some people believe that resting in Turkey in winter is a myth. Of course, you won't be able to swim in the winter months, but you can still have a great time in this popular country.

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The weather at this time is very unstable - sometimes it pleases with warmth up to + 12 ... + 15 degrees, then it upsets with cold snap, clouds and rains. In December, the sea warms up to +19 and some still swim, but in January and February it is already too cold. Storms, high winds and rainfall are frequent. Snow falls in the mountains.

In general, according to reviews, rest in Turkey in winter can be very pleasant precisely due to the absence of the sweltering heat and scorching sun. And bad weather is easily tolerated.

Alpine skiing

The main winter entertainment in many countries is alpine skiing, and Turkey is no exception. Let's consider the most popular ski resorts.


A relatively new resort located on the Maliy Olympus mountain. According to legend, it was from him that the gods watched the Trojan War. The season here lasts from mid-December to mid-March, there are no severe frosts, the temperature rarely drops below minus four degrees.

There are many hotels, but mostly they are quite expensive, around $ 120 per night. Choose hotels closer to the slopes,

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Topic: Winter holidays in Turkey: not only shopping.Winter holidays in Turkey: not only shopping

Author: Kelly Costine