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The most delicious ice cream in the world

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Walking in the hot sunny resorts always want to refresh themselves in summer. And what can help to cope with this task better than ice cream? You can be sure that you will not try this at home! We will mark the places where you can taste the most delicious ice cream in the world.

Since ice cream is an Italian delicacy, the first item on our list is to put exactly Italy, or rather - the Carpigiani Museum. This place combines a gallery, workshop, school and university. In the museum part of the premises, you can look at the unique machines and devices with which this product was prepared. There is a laboratory where you can learn such subtleties as the differences between sorbet and popsicles or the secrets of making a real soft ice cream. Of course, all exhibits should be tasted.

Image Carpigiani Museum, Italy

Directly from the museum you can take a path to the Giolitti shop, which is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome. If you are in this city, then you should definitely stand in line at Giolitti for your ricotta horn and eat it at the fountain opposite the Pantheon. Among the varieties of delicacies, we can recommend, for example, ice cream with the taste of champagne, Sicilian cassata, marsala and rice. The cafe also serves historic ice cream desserts like Coppa Giolitti made from chocolate ice cream, shredded hazelnuts, whipped cream, and a 1920s zabion.

Image At Cafe Giolitti, Rome
The most famous ice cream brand in France is Berthillon. Many gourmets even consider it the best in the world. It has been around since 1954 and still hasn't turned its business into a network because of the principles. Nevertheless, the main store of the brand is always packed with visitors, there is a line from the street. Fortunately, You can buy a treat at about 20 other friendly points in the city. Berthillon's menu features about 60 different types of ice cream and sherbets. The brand's products are particularly airy. In the assortment of the store, ice cream with plums in Armagnac, with ginger caramel, almond milk, candied chestnuts, lemon-coriander pralines, cocoa with whiskey and raspberries with roses, are especially prominent. However, visitors prefer something more traditional: chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. All ice cream is prepared exclusively from natural products.

Image Berthillon ice cream queue

English ice cream is not inferior to world analogues on the market. First of all, Morellis Gelato is competing with its rivals. Some of the more unusual flavors include apple pie, Sicilian red orange and Christmas pudding flavors. True, the main highlight of Morellis Gelato is not at all an exquisite menu with creative solutions, but the ability to collect your own ice cream from any ingredients: from buckwheat porridge to mushrooms. Some options, like oyster ice cream, may require pre-ordering and large quantities.

Image Morellis Gelato ice cream assortment

Molecular ice cream, which is prepared using liquid nitrogen, deserves special attention. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that ice cream freezes instantly, and this eliminates the product from the formation of ice crystals. The end result literally melts on the tongue. Molecular ice cream can be made from any ingredients, even those that are not intended for this at all.

The first molecular ice cream appeared in Fat Duck, here visitors are surprised by ice cream made from ginger and green tea, which must be eaten within a minute after preparation. Otherwise, it turns into a puddle.

Chin Chin Laboratories uses a similar technique, preparing the product right in front of the astonished audience. however, such a rush from buyers is not required.

Image Ice cream making process at Chin Chin Laboratories
In Berlin, the best ice cream is sold at Caramello, with emphasis on this The product is made to be healthy, organic and environmentally friendly. All additional ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers with unrivaled merchandise. The entire menu of the establishment can be divided into “with milk” and “without milk”. In the second case, ice cream is made on the basis of soy milk or fruit purees.
Image Singapore Toms Pallette Ice Cream

Of the Asian ice cream vendors, Singapore's Toms Pallette is worth noting. Its assortment is represented by more than a hundred varieties of ice cream, and the lion's share of them is sold exclusively here. For example, ice cream with oolong, black rice, lime and wasabi, chrysanthemum, etc.
Image Toms Pallette Singapore Ice Cream

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Topic: The most delicious ice cream in the world.The most delicious ice cream in the world

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