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Indian Street Food

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Daulat ki chaat


Kebabs and puri. Their cost varies from 60 to 450 rupees depending on the restaurant. IN Falaknuma hotel restaurant - they cost 450 rupees, in the city of Tunday Kabab, in national old restaurant - 60 rupees. You can also on the street for 25 rupees. The only difference is cost. There is absolutely no difference in taste what.

Most delicious samosas cooked outside. You can still try them in the Ganges Fuji. It's clean and there are many tourists. The food there is expensive, but it was impossible to eat them. - they are insipid. Do not buy samosas and pakora from vendors who sell on roads, buses, and train stations. For their filling, products are not used. first freshness.

Samosa it can be sweet or salty, depending on the filling. If as a filling vegetables are used, then the dough is made salty, and if fruits, then accordingly the dough is made sweet. The most popular filling is considered to be peas or potatoes. Many different ingredients are added to add an exotic flavor to this dish. Indian spices. The following ingredients are used for the dough: flour, vegetable oil and water.Image

Flatbreads Rumali-roti - the famous thin cakes. They are served rolled up in a corner form. Their prices are also different, but this is not displayed to their taste. The cheapest food on the street. For example, you will pay only 5 rupees for a cake on the street.

Surprisingly delicious samosas in Somnathpur. They are cooked there with dill, which is big for India rarity.

On urban streets, chefs and bakers cook food for generations, and every place on the street is assigned to a certain person. For example, in Delhi on Chadni Chowk there is Kulfi - baba, and it is his Kulfi who are recognized by the locals as the most the best in town. They cost a penny, but the taste is simply wonderful. Located This is a place in the Chawari bazar lane area. They contain sugar, saffron and milk.Image

Flatbreads screen is Lucknow's signature dish. Orange from saffron fluffy bread baked in the tandoori oven.

Jalebi and tea. Jalebi are sweet pretzels, which are first fried in ghee, and then soaked in syrup for a couple of minutes. Tea is simple here unusual. Its preparation is a whole ritual. He cook in bold, like sour cream milk. It must be cooked for a long time, after which it is poured from one jug into another.

Indian the kitchen does not exist as such. There are Tibetan, South Indian and Mongolian kitchen.

Their food is very sharp. For example, you can eat lamb kebabs, but the chicken is very peppery.

Namish or malai makhan - creamy souffle. You can buy it only in the winter season and only in Aud. Prepare it as follows. Whisk the milk and leave it under open air. Very tender and delicious.Image
Daulat ki chaat

Daulat ki chaat resembles malai makhan or namish. Just as sweet, but only made from whipped cream. You can buy it throughout Chandni Chowk. Whipped tender cream, while not heavy and not greasy.

Vegetables form the basis of local cuisine and a small amount of dairy products. Meat in the diet is practically is absent. All kinds of spices and seasonings are added in large quantities, and there are many of them. They are the secret of taste. Indian food. The best part is that they don't need to be combined. to taste among themselves or to match a certain dish. Simple enough know which spices and seasonings need to be added dry and which ones are needed fry with butter.

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