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US Universities & Colleges

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US University Admission
The selection process in the United States often boils down to interviewing a potential student. If we consider the complete list of documents required for admission to the university, then it contains: a certificate with a list of subjects studied and points for them, the results of the interview, the characteristics of the school director and the teaching staff. Each document must be submitted to the university commission in two copies - in the language of the resident's country and in English.
Prestigious educational institutions in America may require their applicants to fill out a questionnaire, which must be answered in essay form. The questionnaire is designed to give the selection committee an idea of the talents and qualities of the applicant, his views on life and the ability to convey his thoughts to others. Questions may include such as"Who is your idol?","What character should a representative of this or that profession have?","What are your plans for the future?" etc.
In addition to all of the above, foreigners are also required to pass an English language test. As a rule, this is TOEFL with a minimum threshold of 550 points or IELTS - 5.5 points.
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Higher Education Institutions in America
Education in US universities involves 3 stages. The first is bachelors. Obtaining a bachelor's degree takes 4 years of study, during which students acquire knowledge on an average of 30 disciplines, and those related to the profession are studied in depth from the third year. Second degree - Master. Master's degree studies are optional, those wishing to continue their studies can spend 1-2 years in deepening their professional knowledge, after which they will have a scientific work in the form of a dissertation, which will require defense. Finally, the third degree is Doctor. It follows the master's degree and assumes another 2-3 years of study. Some universities recruit for doctoral studies and bachelors, but in this case they will have to study for a longer period, about 4-5 years.
The academic year in American universities lasts from August-September to May-June ... Classes are held in the format of lectures, and students' knowledge is tested at seminars and laboratory work. In the US, there is no such thing as a"study group". The approach to each student is individual, students have the right to choose only those academic subjects that they need. The result of each semester is the assignment of marks (less often a trimester). Teachers evaluate the student's work throughout the semester, and add this figure with the exam grade and the grade obtained during the session at the end of the course.
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Best US Universities
US universities traditionally occupy the first lines of world rankings of the best universities ... The best are usually MIT and California Institute of Technology, as well as Harvard, Princeton and Stanford universities.
Colleges in the United States
In addition to universities, there are colleges in the United States. Americans hardly share these educational institutions, higher education received at a university or college is placed in one row. Often, universities even consist of colleges.

Any interested Russian also has the opportunity to become a student at an American university. All that is required is a high school diploma. The full list of documents coincides with the above.

It should be noted that education in the United States is paid, and at the same time very expensive. You can save on studying in the USA by enrolling in private educational institutions, which, unlike state ones, can meet applicants halfway and reduce the cost of training.

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