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Where to relax with a child in the UAE

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the ideal family holiday destination. Here, regardless of age, you can feel like in paradise. A stay in the UAE allows you to get to know this eastern country better: its peculiar culture, history, sightseeing and enjoy the gifts of nature. Children will remember their trip to the UAE for a long time.

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There are several main reasons , according to which you should rest in the UAE:

- a high degree of comfort and safety;

- a wide selection of hotels with a high level of service;

- sandy beaches, distinguished by their cleanliness;

- a huge amount of entertainment for children and adults;

- climatic conditions make it possible to relax in the country almost all year round.

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, that the climatic conditions allow you to relax in the UAE at any time of the year, it is best to come with children from October to May, as it is too hot here in summer. If the child can tolerate the heat normally, then you can visit the emirates in summer, the advantage of summer holidays in low prices, which reach their minimum in the hot months.

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But going on vacation with children, you should choose the right place of rest. On the coast of all the Emirates, there are many comfortable hotels with playgrounds and educators who can look after children during the absence of parents. On the sandy shore with small children, you can do the construction of sand castles, and older children can play beach sports. Lifeguards monitor safety on the beaches. In order not to depend on transport, you should choose a hotel with a private beach, then you will not be limited in the time spent on the beach. In addition, there are far fewer people on these beaches than on public ones.

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When choosing a hotel for families with children, you should pay attention to the inexpensive Hotel Apartments. In hotels like Hotel Apartments, there must be a kitchen in the form of a separate room or a kitchenette in the room. This is convenient for vacationers with the youngest children, who do not have a common table and have to prepare meals suitable for them. The kitchens of these hotels are equipped with everything you need to prepare meals.

Image In a Hotel Apartments, Dubai

It is better not to rest with children in Dubai, as life here is more turbulent and the air is not as clean as in calm resorts, and this greatly affects the health of children. True, there is a well-developed infrastructure and a large selection of entertainment. With children, it is better to choose quieter Emirates, such as Ajman or Ras Al Khaimah. They are sparsely populated, so they have cleaner air, which means healthier. It should be noted that a stay in this country is already beneficial for children, since the sea air contains iodine, which is essential for the health of children. Sea water has a beneficial effect on the body and heals all wounds and abrasions. The location of the 6 Emirates in the Persian Gulf is such that it is safe to be on their shores even with the smallest kids, as they have a wide underwater plume, so the waves practically do not reach the UAE coast.

Image Ras al Khaimah beach

Image Singing fountains in Sharjah

entertainment, then most of them are in Dubai. It will be interesting for children to drive cars along the tracks of Safa Park, where they can learn the rules of the road. Also worthy of attention is the Dubai Zoo, which houses more than 1,500 thousand animals, including many rare ones.

Image Panorama of Safa Park

Park Wonderland is the largest amusement park in the Middle East. Its territory consists of three zones:

- Caribbean town for the youngest visitors with attractions, cars, a banquet hall and a paintball court;

- Theme Park is designed for older children, there are race tracks, carousels and fun rafting down the river on a log;

- aqualand with a variety of slides.

Image In Wonderland Park, Dubai

It is impossible to list all the attractions that are in the UAE, just like visiting them in one trip. This may be a reason to visit here again.

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