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Things not to do in Prague

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The rules of conduct and basic safety in Prague differ little from the general rules of a tourist in the Czech Republic. But still do not forget that apart from the historical center, Prague – a large modern European city, which conceals not only great opportunities for entertainment, but also quite unpleasant situations. You can avoid these situations by familiarizing yourself with the things that are not recommended for guests of Prague.

Get into the first taxi that comes along

An elementary rule for the whole Czech Republic. Tourists can find themselves in an extremely unpleasant situation when the taxi driver on duty at the station will have to pay for a very short trip an amount that exceeds the daily rate at the hotel. This is done in Prague quite legally – some taxi firms were entitled to higher tourist fares. You can avoid this by knowing in advance the phone numbers of taxi companies that have favorable rates for tourists.


Czech taxi

Respond to an offer to meet on the street

A rule that is more relevant for girls, but remains one of the most important for everyone who travels to the Czech Republic and Prague for the first time. The fact is that in places where tourists congregate in the Czech capital, you can see people actively distributing leaflets and inviting them to take part in casting for filming. In no case should you respond to these proposals – in this situation, girls for 200-300 euros will be offered to star in a film of the category"for adults", which are legal in the Czech Republic.

Inattentively look at the price tags in cafes and restaurants

The reverse side of Czech national cuisine – it is not only the high calorie content of dishes and huge portions that are best eaten together, but also the special policy of some restaurants. Firstly, tourist food outlets have prices that are 2-3 times higher than the cost of meals in a cafe on the next street. Secondly, you need to carefully read the menu, usually the nuances are indicated at the bottom of the page in small print. Nuances can be additional payment for spices, sugar, as well as tips, which are most often included in the total amount of the check.


Pay in foreign currency

Not all cafes and shops in Prague accept euros, this must be remembered. Czechs are much more comfortable and more accustomed to paying in kroons, which must be exchanged at banks. In no case should you trust street exchange offices and ATMs. The second option implies a commission of up to 40%, and tourists are regularly deceived in street exchange offices.

Talking about politics in public places

It's no secret that relations between the Czech Republic and Russia were not always positive. Justification of communism is considered here, if not a crime, then blasphemy in relation to the victims of totalitarian regimes. It is better to keep your political views to yourself, even if they fully adhere to the course of the current government – It is not customary for Czechs to spoil the mood by talking about politics when it comes to feasts and bars.

Taking the metro

Whatever some guides say, the Prague metro, unlike the Moscow subway – this is a high-risk area. The crime rate is very high here, despite the large number of guards. Tourists in the passages are very often robbed, especially if there are no witnesses nearby, and on the clock – late time. In addition, most of the lobbies of the Prague metro are of no artistic value – the beauty of interiors is rarely thought about here. Therefore, the best transport for tourists in Prague – this is a tram.



Drinking alcohol on the street

Unlike smoking, which is practically unregulated in Prague and the Czech Republic, with the exception of medical institutions, schools and universities, drinking alcohol on the street prohibited. Czechs themselves go to bars or other establishments where beer is on the menu to drink. By the way, alcoholic beverages stronger than 20 degrees in the Czech Republic cannot be found – since 2010, a ban on the sale of strong alcohol has been in effect.

Go to restaurants after 21:00

It's not about safety rules at night – not a single Czech restaurant is open after 21:00. Almost all catering establishments close at 22:00, with the exception of 24-hour bars, but their kitchens also stop working. The only places to eat late in the evening or at night are – these are round-the-clock fast foods, which in Prague are kept mainly by immigrants from Asian countries.

Choosing souvenirs on the Charles Bridge

A very big mistake of many tourists is – buying souvenirs in notoriously crowded tourist areas. The prices here for elementary magnets and postcards will be several times higher than in the supermarket across the street from the hotel. The same goes for Bohemian glass – it is best to take it in large stores, where prices are lower, and the choice is – much higher.


Charles Bridge

Rent a bike

The stereotype of Europeans on bicycles does not work in Prague. The city's roads are absolutely not designed for this ecological type of transport. There are no cycle paths on the sidewalks and the roadway at all, and traffic can be the main cause of accidents involving a cyclist. In addition, the two-wheeled transport in Prague is best for those who know the city well – there is a great risk of getting lost.

Ignore Czech

Knowing at least a few phrases in Czech can greatly simplify your stay in Prague, and in some situations – even save you from trouble. Of course, many Prague citizens have long been fluent in English, thanks to tourists, but the fact that even a few servants speak Czech may be a reason to make your stay in the city a little more pleasant.

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Topic: Things not to do in Prague.Things not to do in Prague

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