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Things not to do in the Czech Republic

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Tours to the Czech Republic always remain popular with Russian tourists, despite the lack of stability in a number of other European destinations. You can travel around the Czech Republic at any time of the year, and you always need to know about the rules, traditions and laws of this country, located on the very border of the cultures of Western and Eastern Europe. Well, and the things that should not be done in the Czech Republic, you need to know long before the stage of preparing for the trip itself.


Czech Republic

Change currency outside banks

This is one of the most important rules for a tourist in the Czech Republic. All banks have strict foreign exchange controls, therefore, in them you can safely exchange rubles for kroons, without fear that the commission will exceed the declared 3%. The side should bypass street exchange points, especially those located near train stations and crowded tourist areas. There, guests of the Czech Republic can not only be deceived with the exchange rate, but also simply robbed.

Buy souvenirs in `` tourist '' districts

This rule is elementary, and applies to many Czech cities, as well as many attractions. As in our Red Square, and in Prague on Charles Bridge, any souvenir will be several times more expensive than in an ordinary shop on the next street. There will definitely not be any exclusives here, but few people want to pay the extra 5-10 euros for a trinket. By the way, the same rule applies to cafes with bars, located near busy sightseeing spots.



Take a taxi in the streets and train stations

Absolutely all taxis parked on the streets of Czech cities operate at an increased rate for foreigners. Taximeters in such cars may not be at all, or they will be hidden, and the trip very often ends with an amount that is quite consistent with a two-day stay in a hotel. It is best to order a taxi by phone, having previously learned about the prices.

Talking to Czechs about politics

Politics – slippery topic throughout Europe, and in the countries of the former socialist camp – special. The older generation of Czechs has no open hostility to the Russians and to the communist past, many – they even speak Russian quite well. But the same cannot be said about young people: T-shirts with a crossed-out hammer and sickle are present here everywhere. In general, the topic of politics – not the best reason for discussion, and in some cases it can cause a loud scandal with assault.

Trust strangers on the street

Street fraud – the most widespread crime in the Czech Republic, the victims of which are tourists. Zone of increased danger for all – half-empty subway cars and other public transport, evening streets and city outskirts. In no case should you react to a person's statement, dressed like a policeman, but not presenting a special ID and badge. Also, do not respond to the offers of pretty girls to have a good time – for this, there are legitimate adult bars in the Czech Republic.


Dish in a restaurant

Forget about food culture

Czechs are almost as jealous of food culture like the Balkan neighbors. Dishes of national cuisine here – a source of pride, and local beer has whole drinking rituals. For example, in the Czech Republic it is considered bad form to eat beer with anything other than smoked sausages. It is also considered barbaric to drink beer from bottles or cans – the Czechs themselves buy the foamy drink exclusively on tap, or drink it in bars. By the way, the famous dumplings in restaurants are usually served in such portions that not every tourist is able to eat it in one meal.

Trying to buy strong alcohol

Recently, due to mass poisoning population with fake alcohol in the Czech Republic, a law was passed that completely prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages with a strength of more than 20%. However, underground bootleggers still find ways to sell vodka, scotch, and other hard liquor. An attempt to sell a prohibited product and its purchase and storage are now considered a grave administrative violation. If a purchased alcohol is found, the police have every right to arrest the tourist for a few days.

Search for `` forbidden ''; adventure

It's no secret that prostitution in the Czech Republic is legalized, but this business is often used by dishonest people in order to lure tourists into a not very pleasant story. Very often, accessible girls are accomplices of robbers and swindlers, who, in turn, often have a `` roof '' at the nearest police station.

Important: Drugs in the Czech Republic are also partially free sale, but you can earn a criminal charge for exceeding the storage volume of marijuana or hashish. This legislation applies to tourists much stricter than to ordinary Czechs, therefore it is worth thinking a few times before eating the forbidden fruit.


Czech currency

Tipping the staff

Tipping the waiter or maid once, you need to be prepared that you will have to pay extra from above every time, otherwise the service staff may simply refuse to do their job. They do this, relying on the ignorance of tourists – In most hotels and restaurants, the tip is already included in the final price tag, so there is absolutely no need to hand out extra bills to the staff who profit from tourists.

Violate the rules of Czech etiquette

that a Czech is different from any Russian – an obvious fact, but in the mentality of this people there are several things that you need to know about in advance. First, Czechs hate familiarity – turn to a stranger on `` you '' here is tantamount to a great insult. Secondly, the level of emancipation in modern Czech Republic is so great that considering a woman as the weaker sex is considered something close to discrimination. Even close ladies, Czech men do not let in front of them in the open doors, thereby showing respect for their rights.

Visit the `` promoted '' museums

The rule is actual, rather – for Prague than for the rest of the Czech Republic, but in large cities it remains relevant. The thing is, that modern travel programs are often sponsored by museums that have recently appeared in the Czech Republic. The Museum of Sex Toys in Prague especially loves to be promoted among youth groups of tourists, which no one advises to visit, if only because the entrance ticket costs about 10 euros in terms of CZK.


Museum sex toys in Prague

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Topic: Things not to do in the Czech Republic.Things not to do in the Czech Republic

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