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Things not to do in France

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Against the background of the Eiffel Tower

French laws, like French etiquette, it can be extravagant. However, failure to comply with any rules of conduct by tourists can play a cruel joke with them. A number of French customs have evolved over the centuries, which cannot be said about some modern laws and traditions. Let's try to figure out what things should not be done in France, and what consequences for tourists may follow if the basic rules are not followed.

Taking pictures of policemen

This rule in France is absolutely not new for many countries of the world monitored especially zealously. In any city, local law enforcement officers are so nervous about the camera lenses aimed at them that it can end in several hours of arrest with a full search of personal belongings. The gendarmes themselves, the buildings of the precincts and even the patrol cars fall under the official state law.

Violate the rules of conduct in shops

In France, it is a long-established form of behavior in places of trade that is highly undesirable to violate ... Firstly, when entering the store, you should always greet the staff, if not the first, then in response, and say goodbye at the exit. This rule is the identifier of Russian tourists who, according to the French, do not like to greet anyone. Secondly, you should never touch the product, especially clothes – the seller himself is obliged to show it to the buyer, or bring the desired size of clothing already for fitting.


Cheese shop

Inattentive on the roads

On any French road advantage from a motorist. Is always. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to cross the road where there is no traffic light – you can easily get under the wheels of even the most careful and attentive driver. In turn, the French police are not asleep either, who are actively fining negligent pedestrians, and tourists – with special zeal. In some provinces, fines for crossing the road in the wrong place can exceed 100 euros. As for the railways, in France, you can only cross them by an overground or underground passage.

Be rude to service personnel

The stereotypical opinion that ``; the client is always right '' absolutely does not work in France. Anecdotes about waiters spitting on a plate at a restaurant are an unfunny reality here. European values in France are especially strongly defended, therefore, a person outside his position has every right to mutual courtesy and courtesy. It is also undesirable to argue with waiters about anything.
The controllers in the French subway are police officers who are empowered to fine free riders. The check is carried out at the exit from the station, that is, no longer underground – the ticket will just need to be attached to the scanner next to the controller. If there is no ticket, the `` hare '' a fixed penalty of 35 euros awaits.



Abuse bad habits

Since 2008, France has a rather strict law regulating smoking areas. It is now possible to smoke within the city limits only in specially designated places, and nowhere else. The same rules apply to drinking alcoholic beverages – outside the areas of restaurants and open terraces of bars, you cannot appear with a bottle of even the most expensive cognac.

Important: The French authorities also monitor drug trafficking. To date, flagrant measures are being taken to check trains and intercity buses. Any passenger's luggage can be selected for detailed inspection with a specially trained dog – you need to be prepared for this.

Negatively react to the rules of etiquette

Many tourists from Russia very often do not accept the traditional kiss on the cheek in France as a sign of greeting. There is nothing particularly negative about it, but this rite among the French took shape for centuries, and in each region it has its own variations. In the north of France, including Paris, people kiss twice when they meet, in the villages – three times. The indigenous population of the Cote d'Azur always kisses each other four times when they meet and the same - goodbye. A friendly Frenchman will not be particularly condemned to refuse a kiss, but a person can offend with this gesture.


A welcome kiss on the cheek

Try buy goods with restrictions on sale

Basically, this rule applies to drugs. For example, the usual aspirin in France is sold not in every pharmacy, but where it is sold – recipe required. The same goes for many pain relievers, which are best brought 'from home'. Also, since 2014, on the personal order of French President Francois Hollande, it is impossible to sell such delicate and necessary goods for many tourists as condoms without a prescription. To buy contraception, you will now have to get a certificate from a French licensed doctor.

Indifferent to street accidents

Whether it's a car accident or a street robbery – in France any passer-by is obliged to help the victim or call the police or an ambulance. Otherwise, the person in trouble may point to you as a witness. Under French law, a witness who does not help a person in a critical situation commits a criminal offense.

Disrupting public order

The French love of fun has long been restricted by law. For example, in residential areas, must not make noise after 22:00. The strict laws of the beaches in recent years have surprised even the inhabitants of France themselves, but, nevertheless - for a topless tan outside nudist beaches a huge fine is issued. Towards the `` nude '' on some beaches too open bikini swimsuits are equated – you need to carefully read the signs before entering the recreation area.


On the beach

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Topic: Things not to do in France.Things not to do in France

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