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Andrey Zakharov's gallery description and photos - Russia - Golden Ring: Kostroma

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Andrey Zakharov Gallery description and photos - Russia - Golden Ring: Kostroma

Andrey Zakharov's gallery description and photos - Russia - Golden Ring: Kostroma. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

In the center of Kostroma, on Tchaikovskogo street, house 17 B, there is the famous gallery of the artist Andrei Zakharov. The gallery is located in an old building, which in the past was an outhouse-shop owned by the Metelkin family.

The building does not have an impressive size, but it presents for visitors a retrospective collection of a wide variety of paintings by the talented artist. The gallery regularly hosts exhibitions and presentations dedicated to the results of various trips. In the hall you can see an impressive collection of works by Andrey Zakharov, starting from the very beginning of his career and ending with the latest works.

Andrey Zakharov - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the Federal District Prize in the field of art and literature, as well as Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation. In addition, it should be noted that Zakharov is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and is a full member of the International Fund of Artists and the Creative Union of Artists of the Russian Federation.

Andrey Arkadievich was born in the city of Veliky Rostov in 1967. Numerous works of the artist are in state collections of art museums in Belgorod, Kostroma, Voronezh, Rostov Veliky, St. Petersburg, Vyshny Volochyok.

The original work of Andrei Arkadievich is delightful due to his incredible worldview, because the circle of his preferences, interests, passions and tastes are quite clearly defined and delineated in all his works. The favorite theme of the artist is the landscape, which the master accurately conveys, subtly feeling and understanding it.

In his youth, Andrei devoted a lot of time to travel, so the geography of his creative trips is incredibly diverse. It is important to note that over the past decade, the artist has visited the Russian North more than once, especially beloved by the talented master. It is safe to say that the artist painted his best paintings in Karelia, on the White Sea, in Kholmogory and the Komi Republic, where beautiful paintings were created among untouched nature.

It is worth noting that Andrei Arkadievich is the proud owner incredible intuition and sensitivity, as well as the ability to learn the lessons of true masters. Of course, famous artists influenced the perception of the artist: brothers Alexei and Sergey Tkachev, Vyacheslav Zabelin and Vladimir Stozharov.

One of the main and important stages in Zakharov's work was the Academic Dacha, which at one time brought together all eminent masters of landscape painting of various generations. It was in this place that the artist was able to find not only mentors, but also true friends who became his creative associates - Eugene Romashko, Grigory Chainikov, Nikolai Davydov, Oleg Molchanov, Dmitry Belyukin - all these people fully shared the reverent and sensual attitude to nature , as well as loyalty to the Russian traditions of national realistic art.

The talent of the artist Zakharov is characterized by a pictorial plastic language that determines the choice of external techniques used, as well as the attitude to reality and the need for its full comprehension and spiritual justification.

Andrey Arkadievich is a real master of color solutions, on the basis of which the artist build his painting, using a variety of color solutions. It is worth noting that Zakharov thinks from the point of view of the overall composition, which endows his work with monumentality and epic sound, while the expressive movements of the master's brush create a rich texture, which makes the canvas literally vibrate from streams of color and light.

Gallery works by A.A. Zakharova works by prior arrangement at any time. It is possible to order collective and personal excursions around the gallery. For guests of the city there is an opportunity to stay in specially designed apartments, which are located on the attic in the gallery building.

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