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Kostroma State Circus description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Kostroma

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Kostroma State Circus description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Kostroma

Kostroma State Circus description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Kostroma. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The Kostroma State Circus appeared about 120 years ago. Throughout its existence, more than once difficulties arose regarding the lease of premises for performances, but still the circus continued its activities. Even today, circus performers continue to delight the inhabitants of their hometown with more and more new performances.

The first performances of the Kostroma circus were staged in the 19th century. At first, the circus artists had a very hard time, because there were difficulties with the choice of the venue for the performances. For a long period of time, the artists made every effort to obtain a permanent building, but every time the cherished dream was hampered by some circumstances. There was a time when the circus existed as a tent.

Attempts were made several times to build their own building. The first of them was undertaken in 1884 with the support of a wealthy bourgeoisie, Akim Nikitin, when the circus was located in the garden zone behind the Noble Assembly. After some time, the building fell into disrepair and began to collapse, so the circus artists had to leave it. After that, it was decided to move to the premises on Susaninskaya Street, but the circumstances were different.

In 1928, a wooden building was erected on Tekstilshchikov Avenue, which included 1490 seats. The new building served for quite a long time, and outstanding circus artists performed on its stage: Karandash, Vladimir Eizhen - clowns, and also Irina Bugrimova - a lion trainer.

In the middle of 1965, construction and restoration work was carried out in the building, as a result of which a central studio of circus art was created. At this time, new attractions were released: "Funny Predators" by Ivan Ruban, "Circus on Ice", "Sheepdogs and Yaks".

In 1970, the circus building burned down. After this event, all the performances were held in the huge tent "Shapito", but only in the summer season, which brought many difficulties not only to the circus performers, but also to the audience.

Soon the residents of Kostroma enthusiastically supported the idea of building a new circus building. As a result of lengthy construction work, a new building of the Kostroma State Circus was opened in 1984. The new building had 1625 seats and was perfectly suited to the urban style.

Today, the circus building needs major repairs, at the same time, the material resources do not allow it to be fully implemented. Despite the difficult working conditions, circus performers continue to stage amazing performances for the audience.

One of the most popular programs is the New Year's performance, which includes performances by the talented elephant trainer, Andrey Dementyev-Kornilov, in collaboration with Taisia Kornilova, People's Artist of Russia. The show program, dedicated to exotic animals, presents the audience with many trained animals, including camels, horses, porcupines, pigeons, snakes, Caucasian shepherd dogs, chimpanzees.

The show of Mstislav Zapashny, in which the trainer presents the unique skills of tigers, is especially popular. The program called "Lions under the circus dome" shows a unique attraction, a variety of animal trainers, jugglers, acrobats, funny clowns and trapeze artists took part in its work.

One of the latest programs in the Kostroma circus is a show that includes stunning circus acts from the talented and famous director Ruslan Ganeev ... The production is an enchanting show featuring only the latest technology, as well as the previously unused Count Falcon special effect.

The Predator Show includes performances by fourteen tigers, as well as Brazilian raccoons, Japanese white spitz, Argentine parrots and artists of the higher riding school. Funny clowns will become the decoration of the program, and the “wheel of courage” will surprise not only children, but also an adult audience.

Despite all the difficulties, encountered on the way of the famous Kostroma State Circus, it still works and pleases the audience.

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