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Naro description and photos - Italy: Agrigento (Sicily)

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Naro description and photos - Italy: Agrigento (Sicily). Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Naro.

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Naro, located among the hills at an altitude of 520 meters above sea level, was probably founded by the ancient Greeks. It got its name from the name of the river flowing nearby - the word "naron" just means "river". The ruins of Roman villas discovered in the vicinity of Naro indicate that the city was inhabited in those distant times. However, the first written mentions of him are found only in medieval documents.

According to these documents, Naro arose in the 12th century around an Arab settlement, and in 1233 Frederick of Swabia granted him the status of a royal city, that is, free from feudal power. In the 13th century, the city was surrounded by walls and became an important strategic bastion dominating the surrounding area. Later Naro passed into the possession of the noble family of Chiaramonte, who built an impressive castle here, as in many other controlled cities. In 1912, this massive volcanic tuff fortress was declared a national monument. Tourists can admire the imposing rampart fence, the square tower, commissioned by Frederick of Aragon in 1330, and the main tower of the castle with its exquisitely decorated gate. Inside, the main hall deserves special attention, which is accessed by a 14th century door, and a huge reservoir, which was sometimes used as a punishment cell.

Today, this predominantly agricultural town, which grows grapes, wheat, olives, citrus fruits and almonds, as well as cattle, is famous for its craftsmen who make unique wood products. Among the attractions of Naro, it is worth noting the Chiaramonte Castle, the baroque church of Santo Salvatore from the 16th century, the temple of San Calogero is one of the oldest in Sicily, in the crypt of which there is a statue of Santo Nero, the patron saint of the city. The city's parish church was built in the 17th century by Jesuit monks. It is famous for its works of art: a font made in 1424, a marble sculpture depicting the Holy Family, a 16th century Madonna della Catena, an 18th century painting by Domenico Provenzani depicting the Annunciation and wooden furniture stored in the sacristy.

Every June, Naro hosts a festival in honor of the patron saint of the city of San Calogero, also known as Santo Nero.

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Topic: Naro description and photos - Italy: Agrigento (Sicily).Naro description and photos - Italy: Agrigento (Sicily)

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