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Naro in Italy, Sicily resort

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Naro is located at an altitude of 600 meters in an area with a fairly favorable climate, therefore, from ancient times   the city attracted many tourists.

According to legend, in ancient times in the surrounding areas of Naro   lived giants. They built the first fortresses on the coast of the Agragante River, named after the leader of the giants. In the 18th century, the inhabitants of Naro claimed to have found huge skulls in the surrounding areas that could hold about 17 liters of water.

After archaeological research, it was proved that in the 7th century BC ... a settlement already existed at this place. The founder of the settlement was the Sikan tribe. The modern city was founded during the rule of the Arabs in Sicily.


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Topic: Naro in Italy, Sicily resort.Naro in Italy, Sicily resort

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