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Monument ”Anchor and Cannon” description and photos - Russia - South: Sochi

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Monument "Anchor and Cannon" description and photo - Russia - South: Sochi. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Anchor and Cannon Monument, located in the park on Chernomorsky Lane, is a memorial composition erected in memory of the victory of Russian troops over Turkish troops in the war of 1828-1829.

Another war between Turkey and Russia took place over the rivalry in the Balkans and the Caucasus. Russian troops under the command of IF Paskevich won a number of convincing victories in the Caucasus. In September 1829, the Adrianople Peace Treaty, quite advantageous for the Russian Empire, was signed, according to which most of the Black Sea coast passed into the possession of Russia. Including the territory of present-day Sochi. Thanks to this, one of the most important tasks of foreign policy in recent centuries was solved - Russia had access to the southern seas.

The opening of the monument took place on April 23, 1913, to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the resort town of Sochi and to the 300th anniversary of the royal house of the Romanovs. The memorial was erected on the initiative and at the expense of a resident of Sochi - retired admiral Dolinsky L.F.

The cast-iron cannon, which is part of the memorial, was cast at the Aleksandrovsky plant in 1809, and the anchor installed at the base of the monument was in 1719 divers raised this anchor at the beginning of the XX century. from the military frigate "Penderaklia" sunk during a strong storm (40s of the XIX century), near the village of Yakornaya Shchel. The raised anchor lay for a very long time on the deserted shore, giving the name to the small resort town of the Lazarevsky district, located 35 km from the center of Sochi. After some time, the anchor was delivered to Sochi by sea. With the help of ropes he was lifted to the rocky shore, where he took his place at the pedestal, next to the cannon of the Anchor and Cannon monument. The anchor has been around for over 230 years, but despite this, there is no rust on it and it is still in excellent condition. The anchor is not only a testament to the heroism and bravery of the Russian troops, but also a monument to Russian metallurgists.

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Topic: Monument ”Anchor and Cannon” description and photos - Russia - South: Sochi.Monument ”Anchor and Cannon” description and photos - Russia - South: Sochi

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