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Tlos (Tlos) description and photo - Turkey

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Tlos description and photos - Turkey

Tlos description and photo - Turkey. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. Title in English - Tlos.

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According to scientists, Tlos was the most ancient city of Lycia. It is located 45 km from Fethiye. According to the results of archaeological excavations, it is assumed that the foundation of the city dates back to 2000 BC. The city of Tlos was first mentioned in the Hittite chronicle of the 14th century BC. After the Hittite Empire collapsed, Tlos became one of the largest settlements in Lycia, and after that became part of the Roman Empire.

Tlos is located in the east of the Xanphos Valley. At one time it was one of the six main cities of Lycia. Then Tlos was called "the most brilliant metropolis of the Lycian Union", and the city was also the sports center of the Federation. Until the 19th century, Tlos was inhabited by the Turks. The main attraction of the city is the acropolis. During its existence, under the influence of different cultures, an interesting variety of structures has formed in the city.

Above the acropolis is the Tlosa cemetery, decorated with the most beautiful tombs of Lycia. The large tomb of Bellerophon with three carved doors is the most outstanding tomb. It is a tomb resembling a temple. One of the doors of the tomb is decorated with a relief image of the legendary Greek hero riding a Pegasus. On another door, a lion is depicted guarding the entrance to the tomb. Legend has it that the hero was punished by the Lycian king Iobates. And as a punishment, he had to take off on Pegasus, donated by Athena, to the top of the mountain and kill the fire-breathing monster Chimera. Bellerophon killed the monster and married the king's daughter. After that, his descendants ruled Lycia.

At the top of the acropolis of the city of Tlos is the castle of "Bloodthirsty Ali". The castle was built on the foundations of a Lycian fortress. From here you can admire a delightful view of fields, orchards and mountains.

The Byzantine basilica was built on the ruins of a Roman gymnasium and city baths. Inside the basilica are the Seven Gates, which open onto the valley. The amphitheater has also survived in Tlos; this is a monumental structure decorated with intricate stone carvings. The ruins of a stadium and a theater built in the 2nd century BC have also survived. The stage was almost completely destroyed, but 34 rows for the audience survived.

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