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Villa Dream description and photos - Crimea: Simeiz

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Villa Dream description and photos - Crimea: Simeiz

Villa Dream description and photos - Crimea: Simeiz. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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On the Crimean peninsula, in the southern part of its coast, there is an old Villa Dream. This dacha, of course, cannot be overlooked. Its silhouette looks very impressive against the background of wonderful green parks. The cottage is conveniently located in the development of the entire village. Very impressive views can be seen from the open windows of the Dream Villa.

Local residents call the dacha - the Mosque. Nobody knows which of both names was earlier. The dacha was built in a pseudo-Moorish style. This could be the reason to call the dacha - the Mosque. But if we consider the view of the cottage, its romance and fabulousness, then the name Dream suits her more.

The villa is located on a small hill in Simeiz, inside the road loop. This location of the villa allows you to see it better from all sides. The rectangular shapes of the dachas indicate that the traditions of Arab architecture were used here. Its front sides are decorated with many arches and lancet insanely beautiful windows. The main decoration of the dacha is the window openings, which are carved, very rich wooden decoration. At the top of the main building there is a narrow turret crowned with a beautiful dome. All this is associated with the minaret. After the completion of construction, cypresses were planted near the villa. According to the architect's plan, cypresses were supposed to frame the main entrance to the building, and thus emphasize its sophistication and beauty.

In 1921, a sanatorium was set up at the dacha for the Red Army soldiers who were wounded in battles. During the war years, until 1944, Simeiz was under Hitler's occupation. After liberation and until 1990, the Dream Villa housed an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium called Red Poppy. At this time, the dacha was greatly changed inside. After all this "Dream" was empty and abandoned. At the moment, it is surrounded by a fence and awaits restoration.

Until now, the Dream Villa remains for everyone a mysterious and picturesque building, since the exact date of construction and the name of its designer are unknown. There is evidence that this site was purchased in December 1913 from Madame A.M. Shenshin. Kerkova. There are only indirect references to the construction started on this site. When nationalization happened, the dacha was not completed. In 1923 this villa was called "Dream". Inside it were 15 rooms. The dacha required completion. Such data are provided by the housing stock of the Simeiz resort. According to other available data, the dacha "Dream" was owned by Vaclav Vylezhinsky. He was the director of one of the Polish banks. After the revolution, he was forced to part with his real estate.

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Topic: Villa Dream description and photos - Crimea: Simeiz.Villa Dream description and photos - Crimea: Simeiz

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