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Villa Otrada (Dacha Stakheeva) description and photos - Crimea: Alushta

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Villa "Otrada" (Stakheev's dacha) description and photo - Crimea: Alushta. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

On the shores of the warm Black Sea, in a wonderful landscape park on the embankment of the city of Alushta, Stakheev's dacha is located. This summer cottage was built in the eighties of the distant nineteenth century.

Stakheev's dacha is special. She is not only a keeper of historical information, but more than sixty different species of plants and rare species of shrubs grow in her garden. If you believe the words of eyewitnesses, we can conclude that the spreading plane tree is considered the most famous in the country. Many people know this plant under a different name - the oriental plane tree. This plant is more than three hundred years old.

The villa was built according to the project of the famous Yalta architect N.P. Krasnova. The order was given to the architect by the millionaire, gold miner ND Stakheev. For Nikolai Petrovich, this order meant a lot, so he tried to make the dacha like a small palace, around which a very cozy park is located. In this park, beautiful alleys were made with wonderful and comfortable benches.

Stakheev was very rich and used to living in luxury. This merchant was a gold miner, but did not forget to do charity work. He made a significant contribution to the development of Alushta.

Famous personalities often visited this mansion, including the artist I.I.Shishkin and the writer D.I. Stakheev. These famous people were relatives of the owner of the dacha. It was possible to invite tourists to the dacha and conduct excursions. You could show a wonderful park, white columns and a beautiful view of the Black Sea. This luxurious place is a favorite corner of the resort town of Alushta. It is rightfully called a cultural monument.

At the moment, Stakheev's dacha is a Center for Children's Creativity, earlier it was the Palace of Pioneers. When hot summer days come, the whole territory of the park, as if by magic, turns into a beach resort. Since the park is incredibly beautiful, you can take great pictures. It is a very calm and beautiful place here, and most importantly, it is easy to breathe, since a lot of freshness comes from a multitude of plants.

The owner of a beautiful mansion did not spare anything for his city. He helped Alushta to develop in every possible way. Around the city, at his expense, vineyards were planted, the wonderful Alushta Embankment was made, the first theater and tenement houses were erected. The Alushta embankment is still the best place to relax. It's always lively here.

The most beautiful landscape park, which is laid out around the Stakheev mansion, is currently generally accessible, and is called the Primorsky Park. There are many types of vegetation here. A little higher than this park, there is an Olympic center called "Spartak". Here is the main base for training the best athletes of Ukraine.

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Topic: Villa Otrada (Dacha Stakheeva) description and photos - Crimea: Alushta.Villa Otrada (Dacha Stakheeva) description and photos - Crimea: Alushta

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