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Cliff Diva description and photo - Crimea: Simeiz

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Cliff Diva description and photo - Crimea: Simeiz

Cliff Diva description and photo - Crimea: Simeiz. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Not far from Yalta is the resort town of Simeiz. Like most Crimean cities, Simeiz has a huge number of attractions. But still one of the main natural attractions of Simeiz is the Diva Rock. The rock was formed as a result of a strong mountain collapse, after which a large part of the edge of the Yailinsky massif slid to the sea, leaving behind giant fragments. The cliff protruding into the sea in its silhouette is very similar to a girl with long hair flowing down the back.

Over the years, as a result of weathering, these stone fragments have acquired their modern shape, surprising the guests of the city with their picturesque beauty. Jiva-Kaya, sonorous Chiva or Dziva are other colorful names for the Diva rock. There are esoteric excursions to the rock, within the framework of which it is enthusiastically considered a projection onto the DNA matrix of humanity.

At the very coast, the Diva Rock rises to a height of over fifty meters with its pointed peak. In the Middle Ages, there was an observation post on this rock; an observation deck has now been built in its place. You can climb to it by stone steps that are cut into the rock. After overcoming two hundred and sixty steep steps, tourists will be rewarded with a magnificent panorama: endless sea space and majestic mountains.

On both sides of the Diva Rock, lonely bushes of lilac resin and dove gill grow. Blocky chaos lies behind a rock at the very edge of the sea. This is all that has survived from the pillar-shaped rock, which was here quite recently. This rock was called Monk. Her silhouettes can be seen in old photographs and lithographs. The rock looked very much like a human figure in a long cloak with a hood over its head. For centuries, the Monk sought love and affection from his Diva. Endless waves, winds and storms could not destroy it, but an earthquake in 1927 caused the stone giant to crack hugely. Despite the fact that the Monakh rock was then reinforced with a metal steel cable, a strong storm in 1931 was the last for the rock - Monomakh rock crumbled into block fragments.

A beautiful stone composition consisting of the Diva, Monk and Koshka rocks became the hero of a local legend. A repentant sinner in ancient times lived in these places as a hermit. He could not cope with the dark sides of his soul and cruel punishment overtook him. The monk was turned into a stone block, and later the stone itself was destroyed. This legend nevertheless has real grounds - at the Monk Rock once there really was a monastic monastery.

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Topic: Cliff Diva description and photo - Crimea: Simeiz.Cliff Diva description and photo - Crimea: Simeiz

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