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Cavusin in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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This village amazes with the remains of a huge cave city. As a result of the natural disaster   the back wall of the city collapsed, and the multi-storey system of dwellings became visible. The city was inhabited until 1953 by the Turks who lived here after the Christians were expelled from here. However, after another collapse, it was forbidden to live in the caves.

The church of John the Baptist is located quite high. Its rear facade collapsed in 1980. This church is considered one of the oldest in Cappadocia, it was built in the 5th century AD. Most of the frescoes have been lost; some surviving fragments date from the 7th to 8th centuries AD.  

Not far from Goreme begins a path that leads to Chavushin through the valley.  

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Topic: Cavusin in Turkey, Cappadocia resort.Cavusin in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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