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Derinkuyu in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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Derinkuyu – it is an old underground city that was built in the 8th century BC. It was used by Christians as a shelter from the Arabs who severely oppressed them. This underground         the city is the largest in all of Turkey – of 20 floors, only 11. The area of the city is currently explored. 4 by 4 kilometers, 50   000 people could live in it at the same time. Air enters the city through ventilation shafts, and the water supply system can provide water to all floors of the structure. This underground city is connected with other similar cities by a system of underground tunnels.

The underground city was opened for tourists in 1969, but now only a small part of it is accessible for inspection.

For a more comfortable stay in Derinkuyu, it is better to dress warmly – the temperature there is always +15 ° C.

Throughout the city you can see many huge discs made of stone. They were needed to block access to individual parts of Derinkuyu. The design of these `` doors '' is such that they can only be opened from the inside.

There was a winery, a bakery, a smithy and many other workshops in the city, allowing you to live underground for a long time. There is also a church in the city.

The main difference between this underground city and others is – it is the presence on one of the floors of a huge hall with a vaulted ceiling. This hall, as well as the small rooms around it, were used as a religious school.

You can get to the city by bus from Nevsehir.  

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Topic: Derinkuyu in Turkey, Cappadocia resort.Derinkuyu in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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