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Vale. Recreation and entertainment

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Vail Valley is one of the five best ski resorts in the world. On   its   territory there are more than a hundred tracks for all categories of skiers and   snowboarders. In   during the season, tourists are served by 34   lifts with   capacity of more than 53   thousand people per   hour. A single ski pass purchased here gives you access to   neighboring resorts Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapaho and   Beaver Creek. The valley is divided into   3   ski regions.

Front Side

Consists of   127   slopes, 28% are   easy, 32% are for intermediate skiers and   40% are more difficult to complete. This region is divided into   three parts:
  • East Side   - here is the Golden Peak and   Northeast Bowl. You can get here by   Northwoods Express lift. In   this area is dominated by gentle slopes (Northwoods). Fans of extreme skiing and   those wishing to conquer the virgin lands will love North Rim and   Prima &   Pronto.
  • Central Mountain (Mid Vale)   - lifts will take you here Wildwood Express and   Mountain Top Express). There are calm trails for beginners (Ramshorn, Christmas) and   professionals (Look Ma, The Skipper, Zot). Intermediate skiers will have a good time on the Berries, Bear Tree, Pickaroon and   Avanti   - You can get to   them on the Avanti Express lift.
  • West Side (LionsHead and   Creek Bowl). There are trails for skiers of all categories. Calm Faro and   Ouzo will appeal to beginners, you can hone your skills on   Safari, Born Free and   Simba, experience an adrenaline rush   - on the steep slopes of Wild Card, Dealer's Choice and   Showboat.

Back Bowles

The ski area stretches for   six miles from   east to   west. The pistes here are mostly difficult (87%), designed for professionals in alpine skiing. The rest (13%) are prepared for intermediate skiers.

Blue Sky Basin

This region is relatively new, it   was opened in   January 2000   year. There are difficult tracks (53%) and   slopes of medium passability (47%). The area is served by 4 high-speed lifts. There are great places for snowboarders.

With   this   side has built a kindergarten (it accepts kids from   two months to   six years old) and   ski school for young skiers (3-12 years old).

The resort employs over 850 professional instructors who will teach you telemark and snowboarding. After the courses, you   will be able to confidently stand on   skis or walk on   snowshoes.


After skiing

Vail can accommodate up to   32   thousands of tourists at the same time. There are about 10   hotels for   and   and many cottages or condominiums.

The city has over 120 restaurants and   shops, as well as museums and   art galleries. Those interested can visit the local sports complex, skating rink or swimming pool, try your hand at   paragliding, ride a   dog sled or test your speed on the   bobsleigh track.

In the summer in   Vail you   can go to   walking or horseback tour in the   mountains, play   golf or tennis, rafting or kayaking. Also available for tourists are hunting, fishing and   cycling in   neighborhoods along   specially designed routes.


Vail City has a lot of interesting things to do as well. Walking along the   streets, pay attention to   its architecture, most of the houses are decorated in  "Alpine style". Walk across the   covered bridge, on   it is a monument to the White Skier, a former rifleman of the 10th Mountain Division.

The landscapes surrounding Vail are not   less remarkable. Climb to the   very top of the mountainside, admire the surrounding forests and   breathe a breath of fresh mountain air.

Excursions to   neighboring cities will tell you a lot about the   history of this wonderful state.

SHOW YET the very top of the mountain slope, admire the surrounding forests and   breathe a breath of fresh mountain air.

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Topic: Vale. Recreation and entertainment.Vale. Recreation and entertainment

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