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Side. Recreation and entertainment

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While Side is a popular Turkish resort, it has managed to maintain the serenity and seclusion of less touristy places.

Side's beaches are covered with light, clean sand , and from the city center, with its restaurants, shops and cafes, a marvelous view of the ruins of the temple of Athena Pallas opens up.



Considering the fact that Side is a city with a long history, one should hardly be surprised at the number of historical monuments on its territory.

These include, for example, the ruins of the ancient Anatolian theater, which was built in the 2nd century AD. This large building could accommodate 20   000 spectators. Gladiator fights were held here, readers and reciters performed, theatrical performances took place.

Located near the theater   Roman Baths are   a visited spa museum, where visitors can see various archaeological wonders.

Next to the Roman baths is another historical landmark of Side - agora, which is an ancient square once used for holding trading operations. In the center of the agora there was previously a temple built in honor of the deity Tyche, who is a symbol of the fickleness of life. In addition, another agora is located here, once intended not only for the slave trade, but also for solving various business issues.

In ancient times, Side was a significant Mediterranean city - not only the largest trade, but also the cultural center of the country.   Historical monuments also include the remains of its city gates and the fortress wall.

In addition, the resort has   Remains of the Temple of Pallas Athena and Temple of Apollo, which can be viewed in the harbor on the seashore.


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Topic: Side. Recreation and entertainment.Side. Recreation and entertainment

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