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Ancient Agora in Greece, resort of Athens

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The Ancient Agora is a city square, territorially occupying about 5 hectares, and located north-west of the Acropolis on a gentle slope.

Previously, the Agora was the center of social and secular life, civil court and government, the most important a place of business and trade, an athletic competition area, a theater stage, and a favorite venue for discussion.

In 1931, a number of archaeological excavations were carried out here under the direction of Leslie Shire. Today, the Agora is a popular destination for tourists who want to get acquainted with the history of Athens.

As in other ancient Greek cities, the Agora originated near the main center of worship of pagan deities. The finds found here testify to the settlements that lived here in the second millennium BC.

In the golden age of ancient Athens, religion affected all aspects of social life, so sanctuaries were built on the Agora. The temple of Hephaestus was considered the most popular at that time, near which, after an archaeological excavation, items from ceramics and metal were found, indicating the worship of this god.

For cultural events, a Concert Hall was built here, the stage of which was paved with colorful marble. For curious citizens, the Panetius Library was also specially established here, in which scrolls of parchment and papyrus were kept.

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Topic: Ancient Agora in Greece, resort of Athens.Ancient Agora in Greece, resort of Athens

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