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Hidirlik Kulesi Tower in Turkey, Antalya resort

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One of the most mysterious monuments of Antalya today is the Hidirlik Kulesi tower. According to archaeological evidence, the tower was built in the 2nd century AD, while the area was inhabited by the Romans. Its true purpose is still a mystery, although at the moment there are several versions.

Some scholars argue that the tower was built as a lighthouse, because due to its location, the entrance to the harbor from the sea is clearly visible from it. therefore, the tower could well serve as a landmark. Others believe that the tower was built for defensive purposes, as it is located on a rock and could serve as a bastion to protect Antalya.

More recently, another version of its purpose has also appeared - ndash; the tower was erected as a tomb for a Roman official and his family. This idea arose immediately after the discovery in the tower of a large stone block, which has a square shape, and the architecture of the building reminded of the Roman mausoleums very strongly. Today, on the inner walls of the tower, you can see the remains of frescoes, judging by which the building was used for religious purposes in the Byzantine period.

The tower is 13.5 meters high. The tower was built of reddish brown stone. According to ancient descriptions of the tower, initially its roof had a gabled shape, which may have been demolished during reconstruction during the reign of the Byzantine Empire. In the upper part, there are traces of restoration work from the Ottoman and Seljuk eras.

The massive tower has a cylindrical upper part and a square base. The entrance to the building was from the east side. Behind a rectangular door there was a small hall with a narrow staircase leading to the second floor.

Today Hidirlik is rightfully one of the unique architectural finds of the entire Antalya coast. The buildings, as before, are striking in their majesty and grace. Climbing to the top floor of the building, you will see an excellent panorama of the sea and surrounding areas.

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Topic: Hidirlik Kulesi Tower in Turkey, Antalya resort.Hidirlik Kulesi Tower in Turkey, Antalya resort

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