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Antalya. Recreation and entertainment

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Antalya is a fast-growing resort with excellent infrastructure that can satisfy all tastes and needs.

Most of the hotels are located within the city. The city has many restaurants of both national cuisine and quite European style, various shopping and entertainment centers, ultramodern   water parks, a variety of jewelry and textile shops.

The Antalya region is known for its natural beauty, in particular, guests of the resort can explore the beautiful natural parks, Duden, Kurshunlu waterfalls, Nilufer lake.

In winter, in Antalya, you can visit the ski slope, located 40 kilometers from the city.


It is worth paying attention to the symbol of Antalya - Yivli minaret with its architectural beauties, whose construction dates back to the 13th century.

The building of the mosque, located next to the minaret, bears the influence of Byzantine architectural traditions.   Its walls are now home to a fine art gallery.


A very special place in the Old City on Kalekapysy Square is occupied by the clock tower Saat Kulesi, erected in   XIX century and is one of the main cultural attractions of Antalya.

Another, no less interesting, structure with a rich historical past is located in the rocky part of the bay and has the name - Hidirlik Tower, which is almost two thousand years old. Its functional purpose is not entirely clear, according to one version, it was a lighthouse, according to another, it had a defensive value, some researchers believe that Hidirlik is a tomb.

In addition, you can see the entire Kaleici district (located in the Old City), where a large number of interesting historical monuments are concentrated.

Antalya, a city decorated with many natural parks, including the largest in size Karaalioglu Park ... The park is located in a picturesque rocky area, in addition to cafes and restaurants, there is a mini-zoo on its territory.

Park & nbsp; Ataturk originates in the city center and occupies part of the coastal area. Besides, you can visit the most beautiful natural parks Konyaalti, Mermerli, Yavuz Ozcan, Recep Bilgin.

The most notable natural attractions of Antalya also include Duden waterfalls, which are usually divided to the Upper   located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the city center) and Lower (located 10 kilometers from the center). The most picturesque waterfalls Duden   look from the sea coast.

Also, of course, Lake Nilufer and Kurshunlu waterfall, located 18 kilometers from the city, are worth a visit. This area is considered a natural beauty of Antalya.

Mermerli, Yavuz Ozcan, Recep Bilgin.

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