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South Dalmatia. Recreation and entertainment

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Beach holidays

In the resorts of South Dalmatia there are many picturesque beaches, the entrance to which is free, and sun beds and umbrellas can be rented in hotels.

In the most ancient and southern city Cavtat there are magnificent sandy and pebble beaches. For those who like a calm and quiet holiday, there are several secluded beaches along the pedestrian zone.

In the small tourist village Plat there are four small pebble beaches, one of which is nudist.

In the tourist town Mlini there are magnificent small pebble beaches with a convenient sandy entrance to the sea.

There are several pebble and sandy beaches on Kolocep Island.

In the village of Srebreno there are excellent beaches with sandy convenient entry into the sea, which are perfect for families.

On the island of Korcula, in calm and quiet picturesque coves, there are excellent sandy beaches. Hot, dry summers soften the sea breezes, thus creating ideal conditions for surfing.

The island of Mljet has many sandy and pebble beaches, the local salt lakes are also great for swimming.

While relaxing on rocky beaches, it is recommended to always have special shoes with you, and while swimming, you should be careful not to hurt yourself on the rocky bottom. In secluded areas of the beaches at the bottom you can see sea urchins, rubber bathing slippers can also protect against them.


Attractions and tourism


Dubrovnik is the most famous and popular tourist center in Croatia.

The ancient city was founded in the 7th century and got its name from the oak forests that grow in its vicinity.

The old part of the city is surrounded by powerful walls reaching a height of 25 meters. Majestic towers rise along the entire perimeter of the walls.

Old Dubrovnik has preserved many architectural and cultural masterpieces, Revelin Fortresses and Lovrienac,as well as the islands: Korculu, Kolocep and Mljet.


The city of Cavtat, located south of Dubrovnik, is a very ancient and southernmost city in Croatia. Local residents of the city still wear national clothes that amaze with the beauty and elegance of silk embroidery.

The city, immersed in lush green parks, with shady alleys, magnificent sandy beaches and a huge pine park that stretches for 7 kilometers, offers excellent conditions for active and beach holidays.

the city also has a rich historical heritage. Here for visits are open: Church of St. Nicholas, made in the beautiful Baroque style, Vlaho Bukovic's art gallery, fortress walls, old monastery, Racic mausoleum and much more.


Plat is a small picturesque tourist village located 12 kilometers from Dubrovnik.

There are many shops where you can buy a variety of souvenirs, a tavern where guests will be offered the best dishes of national Croatian cuisine, as well as a nightclub for lovers of nightlife.


Mlini is a cozy tourist town located 10 kilometers from Dubrovnik.

There are beautiful small pebble beaches here, as well as a large number of bars and restaurants where you can dine and just have a good time.

Kolocep Island

Kolocep is a magnificent green island located 5 kilometers from Dubrovnik. The island is home to vineyards, pines, aloes, palms, cypresses and southern fruits.

There is no car transport here at all, the air is especially clean here, so the island is perfect for families.

Korcula Island

Korcula is one of the most beautiful and largest islands in Croatia. The island has beautiful bays and coves, many cozy beaches and a delightful underwater world.

Sports competitions of yachtsmen and tennis players are held here annually, Most hotels have sports fields for basketball and volleyball.

The ancient town of Korcula is a magnificent example of a medieval town, full of narrow streets and medieval buildings.

One of the main attractions of the city is the city's Cathedral of St. Mark, made in a combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles. The palace was erected in 1301.

Also among the attractions are the numerous vineyards of the island, because it is here that Croatian white wines, famous all over the world, are produced.


The island of Mljet is a large and carefully protected nature reserve. The island is about 48 kilometers long.

There are many paths in the reserve, walking along which you can admire the virgin nature of these places, there are also small bays and beautiful beaches.

The island is perfect for fans of surfing, fishing, and kayaking and kayaking.


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