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Geography and Climate in Sapporo

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Sapporo is the largest Hokkaido, the northernmost island Japan. It is also the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture.

Sapporo is notable for its youth, back in 1857 he existed only as a village. The city does not have a rich history like most Japanese cities, however, it attracts tourists every year.

The easiest way to get to Sapporo is from Tokyo, and you can done both by air and by land - bridges were drawn between the islands of Japan, so Hokkaido is easily accessible by train or bus.

The climate in Sapporo is cool enough with little rainfall. Japan's rainy season is absent and typhoons reach the city practically do not reach. All seasons are pronounced. Summer is warm, but not stuffy, very snowy winter.

Time in Sapporo is five hours ahead of Moscow time.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Sapporo.Geography and Climate in Sapporo

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