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Capsule hotel

Capsule hotel is a variant of Japanese hotels in which rooms are small sleeping cells located one above the other. These hotels are mainly located near major train stations or near entertainment areas. This unique form of hotels enjoys great popular with tired Japanese businessmen and office workers who are want to come home late, or stayed up in one of the entertainment establishments. Taxis in Japan are very expensive, so it is more profitable to rent a room in such a hotel. Recently, these hotels have become popular among tourists as well. In Japan, there are such hotels in almost all cities. IN Tokyo alone numbers up to forty.

The first such hotel was Opened the Capsule Hotel in Osaka on February 1, 1979 in the Umeda area. His developed by Kise Kurakawa. This type of hotel belongs to the low-budget class hotels. The capsule hotel room measures approximately 2 x 1 x 1.25 m. the dimensions allow you to freely watch TV, read and sleep. This idea is convenient a bed placed in a box quickly spread throughout the country.

The whole space is like the hotel is divided into a public space, which is organized for communication between guests and individual capsule rooms. Created in the large hall the most comfortable conditions for relaxation, there is a fresh press, a bar, some hotels have a sauna with a swimming pool. The interior of hotels uses soft tones that calm the nervous system of people who are in a closed space. The capsules are located one above the other in two rows. Privacy provide curtains or fiberglass doors at the entrance to the capsule. At the entrance in a capsule hotel in Japan, shoes are removed and placed in a special locker, which is locked with a key. Guests usually store their luggage in lockers, located near the capsule. Toilets are shared and separate.

Hall of the capsule hotel

The cost of such rooms the hotel is much cheaper than other Japanese hotels. The largest the capsule hotel in Tokyo is the Green Plaza Shinjuku with 660 rooms, size capsules of which 1 ? 2 ? 1 m.In capsule hotels, rooms are rarely provided women, since it is believed that from there is a lot of noise and anxiety. True, there are hotels in which for women a separate floor is allocated on the condition that they will not penetrate the male half of the hotel.

New Capsule Hotel Gyominso is located in Tokyo, in the Asakusa area. Here guests, while resting, can enjoy the beautiful view of the Sumida River. The hotel rooms are decorated as in Japanese as well as modern Western style. There is a restaurant nearby and karaoke bar.

The largest hotel in Nagoya is a Capsule Inn Nagoya, which is only populated by men. Here rooms are available for businessmen, tourists, students and office workers.

Hiroshima has capsule hotel Capsule and Sauna, where you can not only spend the night, but and visit the Thai massage, pool, sauna and beauty parlor. The hotel is located in the city center, close to Central Park and Memorial Museum. It's comfortable businessmen and city guests.

Tokyo Capsule Hotel

In the Capsule Hotel Akihabara, Tokyo, was home to some famous people who wished taste the exotic. The atmosphere in this hotel is attractive to tourists with its unusual design: here the reed mats are replaced by tatami, and the service the staff wear a kimono.

Kobe Capsule Hotel Sannomiya located in Kobe has a sleep-healing function than it and became famous. All capsules have a lighting control system, radio, alarm clock, pull-out TV-panel, air conditioner. The guests of this hotel have the opportunity to visit the bathhouse, library and use the Internet.

In an interesting design decorated capsule hotel located in Osaka. The room gives the impression of being in a row of washing machines, in which people spend the night. Only men can check in. Good vacation provided by the falling shadows. The capsules are equipped with television and radio. The capsules are unique in that they are constantly filled with air, which drowns out extraneous noise.

The Nine Hours Hotel is innovative capsule hotel featuring an unusual design with LED lighting. Having got to the hotel for the first time, you can get confused, because don't know how to behave in a hotel like this. But such guests are provided visual communication cards that are easy to read and convenient to use use. The hotel has 9 floors, of which 4 for women, 4 for men and 1 general floor. There are 125 capsules in the hotel.

Currently capsule hotels began to spread around the world, competing for hostels.
Capsule hotel room

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