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Ruins of Tloss, Turkey, Xanthos Valley Resort

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Tloss is one of the oldest Lycian cities. According to archaeological data, the city was founded in 2000 BC

Previously, the city was one of the main Lycian cities. Until the 19th century, the city was inhabited by Turks.

The most popular attraction in Tlosse is the ancient acropolis.

Above the acropolis there is an old cemetery, which is decorated with Lycian tombs. The most prominent of these is the tomb of Bellerophon. In appearance, the tomb resembles a beautiful temple, decorated with a relief image of a Greek hero riding a Pegasus. Legend has it that, punished by King Iobates, the hero was sent to kill the monster Chimera. With the help of Pegasus, Bellerophon won a victory, after which he married the royal daughter.

At the top of the acropolis there is also another structure of no small interest - and ndash; Castle of 'Bloodthirsty Ali'. The castle was built on the foundations of an old Lycian fortress.

The city baths, as well as the ruins of a Roman gymnasium, were once turned into a basilica. Seven gates leading to the valley were discovered inside the basilica.

The city's amphitheater is a monumental structure richly decorated with stone carvings.

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Topic: Ruins of Tloss, Turkey, Xanthos Valley Resort.Ruins of Tloss, Turkey, Xanthos Valley Resort

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