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Panglao. Recreation and entertainment

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Panglao is quite a small island, but it   enjoys constant popularity with   tourists. This island   is a great place for a secluded relaxing holiday on   wonderful beaches. In addition, in the   close proximity is the noisy and   populous island of Bohol with   its various entertainments and   numerous dive sites.

Vacationers on   Panglao should take into account the fact that there are no ATM machines on the   island, and & nbsp; the"cash-back" service, performed in large hotels, involves a significant commission fee.


Diving at   Panglao

In the   coastal area of Panglao Island there are various dive sites: Cape Arco, Napaling, and   also Kalipayan. The dive site Kalipayan is attractive for beginners because the underwater current is minimal here. In addition, divers can see different types of exotic marine animals here, and   also enjoy diving in the   dark time of the day.

Diving at Cape Arco, where the current is also quite weak, you can see soft corals, moray eels, sea snakes and   many other underwater inhabitants of the sea. Also popular with   divers are diving at   the nearby islands of Kabilao, Balicasag, and   also Pamilakan.


Resting on   Panglao, you can go on an   excursion to   nbsp; To the Chocolate Hills, take a walking trip to the   temple located in the   city of Panglao, or walk to the   Hingdahan Caves in the   northern part of the island. Many hotels offer their guests boat trips.


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Topic: Panglao. Recreation and entertainment.Panglao. Recreation and entertainment

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