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Kanchanaburi. Recreation and entertainment

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Kanchanaburi Resort attracts tourists with tropical green hills that alternate with cascading waterfalls. Several national parks are located here, which will introduce you to the flora and fauna of the province.

Getting around the province is convenient on small three-wheeled motorcycles that can be rented if desired.

Lovers of outdoor activities can walk in the jungle or take an exciting ride on elephants.

Erawan National Park, located 65 km from Kanchanaburi, is interesting with its seven-level waterfall. If you look from afar, the shape of the upper tier of the waterfall looks like a three-headed elephant. At the back of the park you will find Tham Prathat Cave.

Slightly north of Erawan there is Sinahaind Safari Park, which can be reached in 2 hours by boat. The safari park is famous for its lions, tigers, bears and giraffes.

Located 43 km west of Kanchanaburi Prasat Mueyang Singh Historical Park tells about the Khmer Empire, who built it as a stronghold at the end of the 12th century.

Sai Yok Park is interesting with caves, waterfalls and teak forests. Here you can stay overnight in a hotel on the water or rent a small house.

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Cultural Sights

When you come to Kanchanaburi, be sure to visit the bridge over the River Kwai, which is the main attraction of the city. The bridge was built by prisoners of war captured during the Second World War, and was named"Death Road". The workers who died during the construction were buried in a nearby cemetery. Now you can take a train ride or walk along the road.

The Death Road Museum is also located here. It was founded by the abbot of the monastery (Chhaichumphon) in honor of those who died during the construction of this very bridge. The museum is small, housed in a bamboo barrack. Within its walls you will see newspaper clippings, photographs, even paintings of the war years. There is also a large collection of weapons and ammunition preserved after the Second World War.


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Topic: Kanchanaburi. Recreation and entertainment.Kanchanaburi. Recreation and entertainment

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