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Ethnographic Museum in Turkey, Adana Resort

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Adana Ethnographic Museum was opened in a former church building in 1924. In 1972, the museum was given a new building, and the church was closed for restoration. Five years later, after the completion of the restoration work, the museum moved back.

Today, the museum houses several interesting halls, in which exhibits from different eras are exhibited. In the hall `` Stone works of art '' the ancient inscription slabs, gravestones and sarcophagi from the Ottoman period are exhibited.

In the Ethnographic Hall; there is a collection of objects used in everyday life – vessels for water, leather shoes, bronze coffee set, various types of knives, fur products. Also on display are jewelry, musical instruments, bracelets, silver belts and clothing.

Of great interest is the `` Hall-chadyr '', which is a small tent. Dowry trunks are placed inside the tent, the floor is covered with felt carpets, and the walls are decorated with wall cushions.

In the East Hall; you can watch a barbecue brazier, painted Korans, sabers, knives, guns and boxes.

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Topic: Ethnographic Museum in Turkey, Adana Resort.Ethnographic Museum in Turkey, Adana Resort

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